my how-to videos for shu uemura coming soon!

it was definitely a whirlwind weekend for me! i had a wedding booking saturday morning then off i was to the airport to head to montreal to meet the shu uemura team. it was a fully packed day of filming on sunday at the st-hubert studio in montreal.

i arrived on set and was greeted by the awesome swoo team who did an amazing job filming the live shu uemura beauty makeup art competition in toronto. i was them prepped by isabelle randez and jasmine bouchard from l’oréal for shu uemura. they did an amazing job organizing the entire process, from preparing script to organizing products to launch. next, the mic was on and we were ready to role.

it was such a great experience doing all the how-to videos for the cool products that will soon be released! the holiday and spring collections offer some super unique items; i can’t wait until they come out!

the videos will be released very soon! in a couple of weeks i believe. be sure to visit to see the new collections that are soon to be featured and the shu uemura fan page on facebook where my videos will be posted! so excited!

i had a weekend filled with makeup, great people and i got to speak french (those who know me know how obsessed i am with french)! what more could i ask for?

Jasmine Bouchard – Interactive Marketing Specialist shu uemura

Geoffroy and Maxime from swoo

Isabelle Randez – Communications l’Oréal, Maxime, Geoffroy, model Gabrielle, me, Jasmine

    • Thanks so much MyKou! So happy that you follow my blog! 🙂 I’ll post the videos here as well 🙂


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