Makeup for a Sassy Waterfront Wedding!

Once my sassy colleague Shannon got engaged, she immediately came to me to book me as her makeup artist! I was so flattered needless to say since she is a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Over the years, she has referred three of of her goods friends to me  (see Azadeh’s wedding, as well as Agatha’s wedding) and was honoured when she asked me to do her makeup as well.

Some brides come to me knowing very little about makeup and not knowing what type of makeup look they would like, but not my Shannon! This lady knows her face well and knew right away that she wanted dramatic makeup on the upper lids and minimal on the lower. We focused on brightening her skin and on bringing her eyes forward.

This bridal party so much fun to work with and Shannon was a stunning bride to say the least; She looked like an absolute doll with her golden locks framing her face.

I’d also like to mention my fantastic makeup assistant, Eliza Tam. Like myself, she’s a perfectionist. She is always professional and takes her time to make sure that everyone feels beautiful. She did an awesome job on members of the bridal party!

A warm thank you also to Cliq Creative for providing the photos.

Thank you Shannon for having me as your makeup artist! It was an absolute pleasure! xoxo













Wedding-436Congratulations beautiful bride!

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