I had the pleasure of working with Wales Wong, photographer and editor of Veux magazine, for the second time. We had so much fun planning this colourful candy-themed photoshoot with hairstylist Carlos Pang and model Alayna Kellett. We couldn’t help but munch on our candy props while working! 

Here are some behind the scene shots:


Although timing for the shoot was really tight, we managed to squeeze in 4 fun, bright looks for a feature in Veux mag’s 4th anniversary issue:

I also had the chance to share some tips on summer makeup at the new “strobing” trend which has taken over traditional contouring this season: 


I look forward to doing another collaboration with Veux mag! 

international artistic director for shu uemura, kakuyasu uchiide, designed a lovely pair of limited edition lashes for the christian louboutin exhibition at the toronto design exchange exclusively available in canada!

i used the rouge et noir lashes to create a femme fatale look captured by photographer mark darren mui and edited by the retoucher extraordinaire james mui. we wanted to create a sultry, moody photo composition to complement the seductive and enchanting lashes.


how to get the look:


  • ultime8 cleansing oil
  • red:juvenus toner, serum and lotion
  • stage performer instant-glow
  • nobara cream cover stick 764 and pentagon sponge
  • face powder matte in colourless and brush 18R


  • m black 990
  • p black 995
  • ir 985
  • me 472
  • natural brush 10, 10F, 10
  • black painting liner
  • brush 4F


  • brow manicure in ash brown


  • glow on 761
  • brush 20


  • nude lip liner
  • mon shu red lipstick (karl lagerfeld collection)
  • burgundy luxe lipstick (karl lagerfeld collection)


  • rouge et noir lashes in collaboration with christian louboutin

visit to find out more about the lashes!

i met photographer wales wong, photographer and one of the editors of Veux Magazine, in the wonderful world of the internet! the magazine caught my attention and after having contacted wales, we were on our way to plan a shoot for issue 10 entitled ‘alchemy’.

i was so excited to create four different metallic looks; i had been dying to try using metallic foil! it was so fun to be able to literally paint the face like a canvas using silvers, golds and bronze and being able to decorate the canvas with sheets of metallic foil. i always love experimenting with new textures!

the team was amazing, we managed to fit in 4 makeup and hair looks and had them shot all within five hours! it was great working with wales for the first time and always fun working with carlos from spellbound hair design. each of the looks were accessorized by hand-made jewellery from students at OCAD.

here are some behind-the-scenes photos of us hard at work!:











And here are the tears from veux magazine issue 10!:










shu uemura worked in collaboration with japanese contemporary kimono designer mamechiyo who designed the lovely floral packaging for the collection of four new uv underbases and for four cleansing oils. each of her designs were inspired by japanese botany: willow tree, cherry blossom, peony and plum.

to reflect the characteristics of these plants and to celebrate mamechiyo’s wonderful designs, i created a makeup look for each of the four designs. like mamechiyo’s designs, each of the makeup looks tell a story. i had talented hair designer carlos phang of Spellbound Hair Design on board to come up with the perfect hair for each of the looks.

with the help of my photographer mark darren mui and his sidekick james mui, my makeup looks came to life:

BOTAN – Peony (model: Amanda Z)

Inspiration: Young green leaves of the peony flower blooming in Spring; Its strong, fresh leaves supporting the soft, delicate flower. Bold deep green is paired with soft pastel green to portray this image.

UME – Plum (model: Aya S.)
Inspiration: During the cold winter months, the Japanese plum announces the coming of Spring. It brings a feeling of warmth during the chill of Winter; An array of cool and warm purple tones are blended together reflecting this transition.
FUJI – Willow (model: Effie Tsorovas)
Inspiration: Inspired by the Japanese willow tree. Its branches blowing in the wind creating whimsical colours with its leaves and flowers.
SAKURA – Cherry Blossom (model Ellen D.)
Inspiration: Cherry blossoms create a romantic and soft Spring atmosphere. The pinks found in the various species of cherry blossoms are so captivating. This makeup look portrays the intense pinks of some cherry blossoms, as well as the soft pink of others.
to see how i created these looks and for a list of products used, visit it will be up soon!
our work is being displayed as we speak at holt renfrew locations across canada! here are a couple photos from the calgary location:
visit any holt renfrew location to check out the collection and to see my work!

i had been itching to do some creative makeup ever since the shu uemura beauty make-up art competition. when it comes to makeup, the fun part about it all for me is using it to create a beautiful image. makeup is the art of expression; it’s interesting how beauty is perceived by each person – it’s so subjective and that’s the beauty of it all.

i was chatting with one of my models and she was telling me how she loves “ugly pretty”. that made me giggle, because i knew exactly what she meant. like everyone else, i love the classic “pretty” that we all see in beauty shots and i love creating those makeup looks, but i also love what’s “ugly pretty”. makeup looks that are out of the ordinary really intrigue me.

i met illustrator with a new found love for photography, dominique fung, who appreciate the same type of beauty. we got together early 2012 for a creative photoshoot with three other models and wonderful hairstylists from salon de éléphant in toronto.

here is the first of the series of three images that we created together:

i wanted to create a look that draws the viewer’s attention to the icy blue eyes. i muted out her lips and her skin tone so that all that’s left is her gaze. i used shu uemura colour atelier pressed eyeshadows in various shades of blue to create this look. they really made model emily’s blue eyes pop. to finish off this dramatic “ugly pretty” look, i used the dance in glitter premium lashes from the wkw holiday collection.

what do you think of my expression of “ugly pretty”?

10 of us were left in the competition and our last video challenge was a birds of paradise theme. the look that i created was inspired by the golden back tropical bird using shu uemura’s sunset gold palette – which i love to use for my bridal clients!

as a “wow-factor”, photographer mark darren mui and i came up with the idea of using two models for the photo. i wanted to use janice wu’s younger sister, stephanie wu, and have her nestled into her older sister like two birds in a nest. this was my submission:

to watch the creation of this look. The video was created by talented videographer Teddy Chau.

5 contestants were eliminated after challenge#1; 15 of us moved on to create the tribal jungle look for challenge#2. Using shu uemura’s blue morphorium palette we were to create a look fit for a jungle queen. I was inspired by patterns from creatures of the jungle. This was my submission:

photographer mark darren mui added a royal crown onto our lovely jungle queen, janice wu.

my photo was used on holt renfrew’s website for shu uemura:

watch the creation of this look:

after making it to the top 20 finalists, the competition was on! we all received a box of makeup from which we had to work with and specific guidelines for each challenge. the first challenge was a makeup look inspired by the japanese cherry blossoms using shu uemura’s dreamy petal palette and partial floral lashes. with the help of photographer mark darren mui, this was my submission:

watch the creation of this look:

to read more about the inspiration and creation of this look, visit

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