Patricia is the winner of the 2011 makeup artistry competition for shu uemura in North America. She was selected as the winner amongst 19 other pre-selected contestants across Canada and the U.S. by a panel of judges including the International Artistic Director of shu uemura from Japan and representatives from Flare magazine, Elle magazine and Holt Renfrew. She is a Toronto-based certified makeup artist. Art has always been her passion and makeup is one of the many forms of art through which she expresses herself. After the competition, she had the opportunity to work along side shu uemura’s international artistic director, Kakuyasu Uchiide, during Paris Fashion Week at the JCDC show and the Tsumori Chisato show where she learned unique techniques under Uchiide’s gracious guidance. She is recognized for her controlled brush technique and her ability to communicate with her “live canvases”; This allows her to bring forth the natural beauty of each person that she works with.

For business or bridal inquiries, please contact Patricia at

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  1. Lori said:

    Hi Patricia! Love the blog! Thank you for the follow! xoxo


  2. Michelle said:

    Hello Patricia, it’s been a while since I looked into Shu Uemura North America (went into a funk after the US boutiques closed), but boy, am I glad to see this website! Cheers to you and the shu fanatics everywhere!


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