prom is just around the corner! a very exciting time for those finishing up their high school career and a time where a shopping frenzy for the perfect dress and the right makeup look begins!

i was invited as lead makeup artist at the holt renfrew prom fashion show event at yorkdale mall this past weekend. i was so excited to create four different makeup looks to reflect four different types of outfits: vintage, brights, rocker and ladylike. to keep the look young and fresh for a teen, i decided to modernize some classic looks. here are my tips on doing this:

1. vintage look: to keep the look soft and romantic, try using blush as eyeshadow. use a light pink over the lid and a deeper pink in your crease. to make pink wearable around the eyes, remember to pair it with brown eyeliner and a set of fluffy falsies. 

makeup look created and done by patricia lee 

2. brights: take your regular natural look makeup and add a touch of colour on the outer edge of the crease colour.

makeup look created by patricia lee and done by shima

3. rocker: replace the black eyeshadow for the smoky eye with metallic shades of blue or look created by patricia lee and done by sarah yama

4. ladylike: pick a red lipstick with flecks of gold to keep it youthful and opt for a brown gel liner rather than black for the winged eye.

makeup look created by patricia and done by eva

all those tips will keep the look young which is much more suitable for the age group. most importantly, keep the skin looking dewy. beautiful makeup always begins with beautiful skin. here’s how to achieve the dewy look:
  1. skin care routine: cleanse, hydrate, treat, moisturize. for young skin, i recommend using the shu uemura depsea hydrability line which contains a high concentrate of depsea water – very moisturizing but light.
  2. makeup base: shu uemura uv underbase mousse evens out skin before foundation and gives something for the foundation to adhere to which ensures that makeup lasts all night.
  3. foundation: for a dewy glow, use shu uemura face architect illuminating moisture foundation. for the looks, i didn’t finish off with powder, but if you have combination skin, dust some loose powder on your t-zone.

here are some photos from the event. i had a great time working with my team at shu uemura yorkdale and had the honour of doing makeup for liv judd shopping editor of loulou magazine.

ever since i first started as shu uemura’s official make-up artist for north america, kakuyasu uchiide – international artistic director for shu uemura – has kept in touch with me and is always so kind in providing me with guidance. uchiide-san is such a talented artist and has such a sincere passion for the true beauty behind the art. i had the honour of being invited by uchiide-san to work along side him and his france team during paris fashion week.

working along side kakuyasu uchiide was truly an honor. i was amazed watching him apply makeup with such ease and precision. despite such a hectic schedule, he was so calm, patient and helpful. he taught me so much even though there was so much going on. working backstage for such a renowned designer and with such an amazing team of shu uemura artists led by gracious uchiide-san was more than i could ever ask for! his concept seemed so simple, but requires so much skill; who would have thought drawing a straight rectangular line could be such a challenge! each model’s eyes are so different, requiring much skill to adapt the shape perfectly. the look inspired by a glowing, rosy face after a day on the slopes fit the collection magically. big thank you to uchiide-san for such an unforgettable experience!

my workstation

begins to get busy…

uchiide-san demos to the team the makeup look he created 

off to work i go! (photo taken from

my first model complete


my second model done (photo taken from


watch the show!

as i was writing my post on the celestial garden collection which includes the new lip gloss in corona orange, i realized that i have not yet posted my mention in Flare Magazine’s january 2012 issue! i was so excited to be able to give my take on this year’s hot colour: orange!

one of my favourite makeup items right now is my orange shade glow on blush in p vivid orange 571. i must admit, at first i wasn’t sure that orange would suit me. but actually, it works so well with literally any skin tone. if you’re not yet feeling daring enough to add a bright punch of colour to your cheeks, you can try a more peach-toned tangerine shade in m medium peach 561, which is also gorgeous.

this season is all about bright pinks and oranges. experiment with some lip and cheek colours; it’s a fun way to welcome the spring season that we’re all impatiently awaiting! it gives an instant youthful glow; a great way to change up your makeup look.



 makeup is all about having fun; try out some new colours!


to celebrate the shu uemura wong kar wai holiday collection, Insert Magazine requested a soft and sexy holiday makeup look for their cover girl. the magazine also includes steps on how to recreate the look. i met the photographer and the rep from Insert Magazine at holt renfrew bloor location. to create the requested purple look, i used the wkw eyeshadow palette which also includes a cream blush. for asian eyes, i like to use a full strip of lashes before applying the partial jeweled love lashes; this helps to support the partial lashes and also opens up the eyes even more.

to view the entire online issue, click here.

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