It’s been a lovely wedding season this year. As usual I’ve had the chance to meet and work with such lovely brides. This bride requested a very natural look with a focus on glowing skin and well groomed brows. We kept the eyes very natural opting for a set of shorter length falsies just to add some volume to her natural last line.











I had the pleasure of working with Wales Wong, photographer and editor of Veux magazine, for the second time. We had so much fun planning this colourful candy-themed photoshoot with hairstylist Carlos Pang and model Alayna Kellett. We couldn’t help but munch on our candy props while working! 

Here are some behind the scene shots:


Although timing for the shoot was really tight, we managed to squeeze in 4 fun, bright looks for a feature in Veux mag’s 4th anniversary issue:

I also had the chance to share some tips on summer makeup at the new “strobing” trend which has taken over traditional contouring this season: 


I look forward to doing another collaboration with Veux mag! 

i’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to do makeup for so many kind and lovely brides. i want to thank all my friends and my previous brides for all of their referrals. every bride i’ve worked with has been so sweet including this beautiful bride. she was so trusting in my work and honestly so appreciative – such a pleasure and honour to work with!

for her wedding day, she wanted emphasis on her eyes and some nice and natural contouring. for her evening look, we just enhanced her daytime look by adding another half set of lashes to create more volume in her lashes and deepened the colours and contours.

congratulations my dear!

Photography by Studio ROK

















This adorable bride is a natural beauty, so naturally she wanted makeup that would keep looking as natural as possible. She was not a fan of metallic, glittery makeup, so we kept everything very matte. I used a variety of browns and taupes to contour her eyes to create dimension and matte peach blush and highlighter powder to sculpt her face. I had a lovely time beatifying this sweet bride last year!


IL2_1042-2      IL2_0973 IL2_0977 IL2_1001-Edit IL2_1010-Edit IL2_1023-2

IL1_8869 copy IL1_8548IL1_8500-Edit IL1_8546  IL1_8456 IL1_8403

I had an idea to work with beautiful model Stephanie Nicholson and photographer James Mui to create a series of images where one face is transformed into several different faces through makeup, lighting and facial expression. We had a great time adjusting the makeup, lighting and facial expressions ever so slightly between images to create something different for each photo making the viewer do a double-take to see if it’s the same person in each photo. This is what we produced:

Studio Session-034 Studio Session-046 Studio Session-071-closeup Studio Session-101


I started…

After my friend told me she uses coconut oil as a moisturizer, I got a tub from Costco and started using it all over at night after my shower. The great thing about coconut oil is that it comes in a solid form so it doesn’t drip everywhere as you apply it. I normally slather it on and put my pjs on right after because I don’t have the patience to wait 10 minutes before it fully absorbs into my skin. It doesn’t get my pjs all icky though. Once it absorbs, it’s not greasy at all. It smells great and it’s perfect for dry winter skin.

Under the eyes??…

I recently ran out of eye cream and looked over and saw my jar of coconut oil sitting on my counter top and thought, why not? I took a very small amount and warmed it on my finger tips and applied it around my eye area, up to my temples. I waited until the next day to see if it would clog up any pores, but nope, it worked great!

As an eye makeup remover…

At the same time as running out of eye cream, I ran out of my shu cleansing oil – not a good day lol. I normally use the shu uemura Fresh (pink) cleansing oil for my eyes only to remove the eye makeup. So far, I haven’t found any other product that takes off my waterproof liner as well as the pink C/O does. I tight line my eyes, so the product becomes really hard to remove. I try to avoid any unnecessary rubbing of my eyes because I’m scared of wrinkles; The pink C/O works sooo well. I’ve tried the regular shu C/O, but it doesn’t remove as well as the pink.

Anyways, so because I ran out, I thought why not try coconut oil. So I did the same as with C/O and massaged the coconut oil onto my eyes without wetting my face or hands. Then, I used water and massaged my eye area and followed by washing my face following my regular routine. The eye makeup come off, not as clean as with the C/O, but it works and it’s all natural!

On the lips..

It works great as an all natural lip balm! I do this occasionally when my lips are super duper chapped.

All over the face?..

After applying all of my body, I tried patting the remainder of the coconut oil on my hands onto my face. This didn’t work so well for me because it clogged my pores :(. If you have acne prone skin, I wouldn’t suggest doing this.


  • When storing coconut oil, do not store anywhere close to heat i.e. I stored mine in the cupboard under my washroom sink, but the vent is close by so it ended up melting it. When the melted coconut oil solidifies again, it’s no longer as soft and frothy as before. It becomes hard like a stick of cold butter and requires your body heat to melt it as you apply.
  • When using as an eye cream, apply a very very small amount.
  • As a lip balm, you can buy little travel cosmetic containers from the dollar store and scoop some coconut oil into it so that you can carry it around and re-apply during the day.

It’s great all-natural alternative to all those products that contain parabens. Of course some cosmetic products work much better, but going natural from time to time is always a good idea to give your body some time to detox. After all, skin is the largest organ of the human body.

meet jenny, the easy-going and sweet as pie bride that was referred to me by my hairstylist danny mak from prowave hair salon:


she showed me an image of a makeup look that she liked where the bride had eye makeup with the inner corners brightly highlighted and fluffy lashes creating a wide doe-eyed look. since my bride has slightly monolid eyes i used deep brown matte eyeshadow to create shape on the upper lid and used a matte amber blusher to contour her eyes to give an illusion of depth. i then stacked a half set of lashes in the centre of the full set in order to create a rounder shape.





j-0042 j-0294








congratulations jenny!!

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