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It’s always around wedding season that I remember and start getting around to updating my blog. Lucky for me, I have amazingly sweet brides who are willing to search through their wedding photos to send me some beautiful shots from their wedding day.

This beauty had the perfect face to wear these lashes that went on for miles! She opted for a lush red lips for her evening reception.

It was an absolute pleasure doing makeup for this super sweet and considerate bride.

Thank you for having me as your makeup artist!


prom is just around the corner! a very exciting time for those finishing up their high school career and a time where a shopping frenzy for the perfect dress and the right makeup look begins!

i was invited as lead makeup artist at the holt renfrew prom fashion show event at yorkdale mall this past weekend. i was so excited to create four different makeup looks to reflect four different types of outfits: vintage, brights, rocker and ladylike. to keep the look young and fresh for a teen, i decided to modernize some classic looks. here are my tips on doing this:

1. vintage look: to keep the look soft and romantic, try using blush as eyeshadow. use a light pink over the lid and a deeper pink in your crease. to make pink wearable around the eyes, remember to pair it with brown eyeliner and a set of fluffy falsies. 

makeup look created and done by patricia lee 

2. brights: take your regular natural look makeup and add a touch of colour on the outer edge of the crease colour.

makeup look created by patricia lee and done by shima

3. rocker: replace the black eyeshadow for the smoky eye with metallic shades of blue or look created by patricia lee and done by sarah yama

4. ladylike: pick a red lipstick with flecks of gold to keep it youthful and opt for a brown gel liner rather than black for the winged eye.

makeup look created by patricia and done by eva

all those tips will keep the look young which is much more suitable for the age group. most importantly, keep the skin looking dewy. beautiful makeup always begins with beautiful skin. here’s how to achieve the dewy look:
  1. skin care routine: cleanse, hydrate, treat, moisturize. for young skin, i recommend using the shu uemura depsea hydrability line which contains a high concentrate of depsea water – very moisturizing but light.
  2. makeup base: shu uemura uv underbase mousse evens out skin before foundation and gives something for the foundation to adhere to which ensures that makeup lasts all night.
  3. foundation: for a dewy glow, use shu uemura face architect illuminating moisture foundation. for the looks, i didn’t finish off with powder, but if you have combination skin, dust some loose powder on your t-zone.

here are some photos from the event. i had a great time working with my team at shu uemura yorkdale and had the honour of doing makeup for liv judd shopping editor of loulou magazine.

i met beautiful ellen d. during a wedding booking that i had this summer. she was one of the bridesmaids and when i learned that she had done modelling before, i just had to ask her to be a model for a photoshoot with me and photographer mark darren.

i wanted to try something colourful using shu uemura colour atelier eyeshadows. i was inspired by the colours found in the shu uemura mini khaki lashes: blues, greens and oranges. ellen has great features for a strong bold winged eye and she rocked this photoshoot! mark directed and captured the perfect gaze that jumps right out of the photo.

products used:

shu uemura nobara cream cover stick foudation – i love using this foundation for photoshoots. it’s high coverage and buildable without the heavy cakiness. because it’s a cream consistency, it glides on smoothly.

shu uemura painting liner in blue – i’ve used other gel liners before, but i must say that this one is my favourite because it doesn’t dry too quickly, so i can draw a smooth clean line and adjust it until it’s perfect. it’s creamy and not “watery” like some gel liners that don’t allow enough control when drawing a wing.

shu uemura colour atelier pressed eyeshadows – i used these colours:

base colour: matte beige 813

crease colour: ME 471 and P Green 595 *ME = metallic

lower lid colour: ME 686 (blue)

accent  outer colour: M 260 (oragne ) *M= matte

accent inner corner: G silver *G = glitter

browbone: M 907 (matte white)

shu uemura glow on blush M561 – i think a lot of people get scared off by shu uemura bright colours, but honestly, once it’s on the skin, it melts in and looks so natural. brides always ask me which blush i used on them and the glow ons are my go-tos.

shu uemura rouge unlimited crème matte – a nice nude beige colour that goes nicely with the bold dramatic eyes

shu uemura mini khaki false eyelashes

i was first introduced to shu uemura cleansing oils back when i was in highschool. my sister was in asia and brought a bottle of the cleansing oil for me. i was confused as to how an oil could cleanse my skin. but it’s like how oil-based eye makeup removers remove the makeup, especially waterproof ones, much better. she told me that all the girls in asia use it and have fantastic skin even with all the pollution and humidity.  at the time, i found that it was too rich for my acne-proned skin; i also wasn’t aware of all the different formulas, so i stopped using the cleansing oil and began using other skincare remedies for acne. although it helped with pimples, i found that my skin was getting very dry and oily at the same time and makeup did not sit well on my skin.

after many years of experimenting with many products, i’m so happy that shu uemura had come up with a cleansing oil formulated for oily skin and helps with clogged pores. shu came up with the fresh cleansing oil that tightens pores and that is the lightest of all the cleansing oils.

this is my daily skin care regime:

  1. in the morning i use shu’s pure:nu gentle cleansing oil-in-gel:

since i have no makeup to wash off, this formula is great. it’s gentle and light. it contains bamboo leaf extract which is known for detoxifying and anti-bacterial properties. this one smells amazing!

2. in the evening, i use the fresh cleansing oil:

i normally use this nightly to remove my makeup. i love it because i no longer have to purchase a separate eye makeup remover. i just smooth the oil over my face (without wetting my face, but with the new formula, you can wet your face too), add water to emulsify and then rinse.  i find my makeup goes on much nicer and my face doesn’t get oily as fast because it’s not being stripped of its natural oils.

after cleansing, i put tea tree oil on my pimples for spot treatment.

3. in the morning and in the evening i use white recovery EX+ instant spot brightener:  (this applicator is new and will be coming soon)

i am a fair-skinned asian, so some of you may be able to relate to getting sun-spots / beauty marks / freckles. i apply this on my darkened areas. it contains a c2 melano inhibitor to decrease pigmentation. i began using it about a week and a half ago and i do notice some lightening. apparently, full effects are visible after 4 weeks.

i’ve struggled with my skin quite a lot, so i’m so happy to find a regime that is working well for me. another thing that i do when i’m stressed is i take magnesium supplements. i find it helps me to relax and sleep better at night.

check back for more product reviews and tips!

together with photographer mark darren, i created a serene starry eyed look using shu uemura mini star glitz accent lashes on model dayna richardson. i  used a variety of shu’s blue, yellow and silver eyeshadows to bring out the navy blue falsies. on her lips, i used shu’s supreme shine lipstick – something i use on myself everyday. here is our creation:

i wanted to create a look that would compliment model effie tsorovas’ sunkissed skin and brown eyes. shu uemura lavendar bloom lashes were the perfect accent for her beautiful eyes. to bring out the subtle lavendar in the lashes, i used various shades of purple, pink and silver eyeshadows, all by shu uemura. the reusable, customizable palettes makes it so easy to mix and match shades of your choice to create the perfect look. for her skin, i used shu’s face architect foundation, pro gel concealor under the eyes and around the nose and mouth. lips are a pretty nude-pink in supreme shine lipstick PK SS 306. this is the look captured by talented photographer teddy chau:

watch the creation of this look:

beautiful and talented model fei ren from vancouver contacted me on facebook to see if i was interested in collaborating for a creative shoot. photographer mark darren and i were totally on board. we worked together for 2 days creating 4 different looks, one of which i used shu uemura’s rouge unlimited lipstick. the photo turned out to be a true work of art.

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