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the weather has been all over the place lately. some days it’s cold, some days it feels like it’s still summer! i don’t know what outfit to put on in the morning!

today was my friend’s bridal shower, so i decided to get dolled up with a mix of shu uemura’s summer collection and their new novadiva fall 2011 collection. i wanted a soft and slightly autumn look, so i chose matte lips – which is an awesome look for fall – and glowing peach cheeks. and of course, my nails are painted in shu uemura coquettish brown for a soft autumn look. for my eyes, i used the summer collection’s sunset gold palette with the black painting liner.

for my lips and cheeks, i used the new fall 2011 novadiva collection which can be found at holt renfrew. pick up your favorite shades of matte lipsticks now, as they are only in stores for a limited time!

so pretty! it’s the limited edition custom palette quod with decoration inspired by the pattern of lace in pearly black. it’s reusable for eyeshadows and blushers. my favorite!!

i put the novadiva fall 2011 cream cheek blush in gentle amber and the cream shimmer highlighter in radiant pearl.

this is one of the 5 rouge unlimited supreme matte lipsticks in angelic pink (i’ll add another post about the other colours soon!). the lipstick does not at all make my lips look dry and has extreme staying power!

with the radiant pearl shimmer highlighter and a sponge, i dabbed it on my cheekbones up to my brow bone (a c-curve).

i dabbed the gentle amber cream cheek blush on the apples of my cheeks with a sponge in a circular motion blending outwards. 

nail polish in coquettish brown.

the weather has gotten cooler so quickly! fall is just around the corner. it’s time to pick some new shades for the new season. fall/winter nail colours are more subdued than spring/summer colours. personally, i tend to gravitate towards more neutral and nude shades anyhow just because i find it easy to match with any outfit.

i also have a lot of deep toned nail colours like that i like to use in the colder months, but winter/fall colours doesn’t mean that you have to go with grey, black or deep burgundy (although all of those still look fantastic). this season, i’ve chosen soft brown – it looks amazing.

i’m so happy because shu nail polishes are now being sold! the new novadiva fall 2011 collection carries a beautiful brown-pink shade called coquettish brown. i’m wearing it right now and am loving it! anyone who knows me knows that i always have short nails, so it definitely gives a more femminin appeal. it’s an elegant colour that has very fine sparkles, so it catches the light beautifully and looks slightly different depending on the lighting.

i’d definitely recommend this shade for those searching for their next fall shade or for those who’d simply like to get a very versatile colour that matches easily with any outfit.

i put the nail colour on yesterday and went over it with a clear top cop:

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