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as seen across the runways this spring season, a pop of colour is a fun way to brighten up your look. it could, however, seem difficult to pull off. if it’s your first time trying to add some brights to your makeup look, here are some tips to get your feet wet:

  1. choose a shade that you are comfortable wearing . although tangerine is hot this summer, you can start off with a colour that you are more comfortable with before trying out the orange tones. shades such as blue, green, purple and yellow are great too!
  2. choose a more subtle way of applying the bright eyeshadow. here are a few ways on doing this:
  • apply a light sweep of the colour: start from the lash line, but a bit off centre towards the outer corner of the eye and create a gradation from that point outwards using brush 10 or brush 11 if you’d like an even softer effect. line your eyes with brown painting liner, curl lashes and apply mascara.
  • apply the bright colour to the inner corner of eyeusing the smaller precision brush 5R, apply the bright colour to the inner corner of your eye to brighten and open up the eyes. stick to cool tones, as warmer tones such as tangerine can make the eyes appear irritated.
  • apply the colour on the lower lash line: do your makeup as you normally would for a natural look (using browns and taupes), then using angled brush 6 OB line your bottom lash line with the bright colour to really open up the eyes.
  • apply the colour to the outer edge of the crease colour: do your makeup as you normally would using neutral colours. use a matte colour deep brown for the crease/outer corner of eye, then using brush 10 place the bright colour at the edge of the crease colour, soften and blend into the crease colour using brush 11.
3. keep the rest of the face neutral: apply peach blush and sheer lipstick. the shu uemura supreme shine lipsticks are perfect for this.

here is my list of recommended shu uemura brights to try out this season:
the new spring celestial garden trios are a perfect way to follow the above steps:
air eyeshadow trio (blue, purple, brown)
light eyeshadow trio (green, yellow, brown)
eventually, you can go bold and extend the colour further out for a playful look. To learn how to re-create the look below, click the link to visit the (under the collections section entitled “ocean blue”).
 photography by mark darren, model effie tsorovas, makeup by patricia lee
 be bold and have fun with colours!

when we think of a smoky sultry eye, colours such as black, greys and charcoals tend to come to mind. but experimenting with punchy colours  really modernizes the smoky eye. i teamed up with model effie tsorovas and my favourite photographers mark darren and james mui to create a sultry look using yellow, green and black eyeshadows:

to create the look:

foundationshu uemura nobara cream cover stick for a high coverage matte look. to draw all the attention to the eyes, skin should appear completely flawless.

eyes – base colour: me soft yellow 336 (*me = metallic); crease: me olive 472 and m black 990; inner corner and brow bone: me soft yellow green ; 432 eyeliner: painting liner in black

browshard formula in seal brown

cheeksgentle amber cream cheek (perfect for glowing cheeks)

lipsrouge unlimited bg 911 (bg = beige) (keep lips neutral when doing a smoky eye)


i had been itching to do some creative makeup ever since the shu uemura beauty make-up art competition. when it comes to makeup, the fun part about it all for me is using it to create a beautiful image. makeup is the art of expression; it’s interesting how beauty is perceived by each person – it’s so subjective and that’s the beauty of it all.

i was chatting with one of my models and she was telling me how she loves “ugly pretty”. that made me giggle, because i knew exactly what she meant. like everyone else, i love the classic “pretty” that we all see in beauty shots and i love creating those makeup looks, but i also love what’s “ugly pretty”. makeup looks that are out of the ordinary really intrigue me.

i met illustrator with a new found love for photography, dominique fung, who appreciate the same type of beauty. we got together early 2012 for a creative photoshoot with three other models and wonderful hairstylists from salon de éléphant in toronto.

here is the first of the series of three images that we created together:

i wanted to create a look that draws the viewer’s attention to the icy blue eyes. i muted out her lips and her skin tone so that all that’s left is her gaze. i used shu uemura colour atelier pressed eyeshadows in various shades of blue to create this look. they really made model emily’s blue eyes pop. to finish off this dramatic “ugly pretty” look, i used the dance in glitter premium lashes from the wkw holiday collection.

what do you think of my expression of “ugly pretty”? did such an amazing job in creating this cute video for bride lili and groom dave. i had such a great time doing lili’s makeup using the shu uemura sunset gold palette and shu pink lipsticks. the bridesmaids were in royal blue, so using the colour atelier eyeshadows in blue hues, i created soft, smokey blue eyes for them. it was a fun morning!


Lili + Dave from Studio 910 on Vimeo.

using the shu uemura WKW holiday collection, i created a look for shu uemura using colours from both the holiday palettes as well as the glamourous dance in glitter premium false lashes. i wanted to create a look that was simple, bold yet soft to show case the lovely colour atelier eyeshadows. the shu uemura eyeshadows have great colour pay-off because they are so pigmented. i didn’t need to use a cream base to create the intense blue.

photographer mark darren mui directed and captured a great shot with model stephanie nicholson. the perfect soft lighting made for a perfect photo.

to create the look:

For dramatic holiday eyes use brush 12 and pressed eyeshadow in ME medium blue 686 all over the lid. Then use brush 10 and P dark blue 696 to create a gradation from the lashline up to crease. Follow by using P dark purple 781 and brush 8HR and blend into the crease. Use G glitter in the inner corners of the eyes. Line eyes using drawing pencil ME blue. Complete the eyes with the dance in glitter false lashes. For lips, use rouge unlimited glitter fuse.

lovely bride, jieun, came to me requesting to make her eyes appear bigger for her wedding. a common request for monolid eyes. she was such a sweet and cute bride to work with! and it just so happens that she’s a huge shu uemura fan. using some shu uemura matte black eyeshadow and some black painting liner, we were able to achieve the makeup look that she was looking for. she also requested rosy, pink lips with gradations of a deeper pink from the inside of the lips fading out to soft pink to the outer parts of her lips. such an angelic look. i used the shu uemura sunset gold palette (eyeshadows and pink blush) – my go-to bridal palette – to complete the look. for the skin i used shu uemura face architect smoothing foundation in light honey. 

here is a video created by that captured the beautiful day. what fantastic work they did on creating the video:

i just love experimenting with makeup. why? because it’s so interesting how different colours and different makeup looks makes the same face look so different. janice wu is my favorite model – i’ve used her all throughout the shu uemura beauty make-up art competition; she looked so different with each look! photographer, mark darren, and i got together again with janice and transformed her into a bronze goddess. this time, i had my hairstylists, danny mak, on board for hair. it was an amazing team.

using a shu uemura customizable palette, i put together a quad of pressed eyeshadows to create the look; it’s so convenient to mix and match the eyeshadows.

here’s the look that i created:

products used:

face architect smoothing fluid foundation in medium beige. this foundation is amazing! i use this on myself during the cooler months. it doesn’t look like foundation when it’s on the skin – totally melts in. when zooming in on the photos, mark darren noticed right away that i had used a different foundation on janice’s skin. the nobara cream stick foundation, on the other hand, is amazing for matte, high coverage, the face architect smoothing foundation is great for creating that healthy glowing skin.

*favorite tool: shu uemura natural 18 goat brush this brush applies foundation like no other brush does. it’s dense and soft so it glides on streak-free, filling all pores and fine lines. the synthetic brush 14 is great too because it’s easy to clean, but i prefer using it with the nobara cream stick foundation; i find it works better in blending the thicker foundations.

shu uemura painting liner in brown for a natural look, i blended the painting liner into the lashline to create an illusion of denser lashes. it resists water really well, so it stays put even in the upper inner rim.

shu uemura color atelier pressed eyeshadows i used:

base colour: ME medium brown 856    *ME = metallic

crease colour: ME medium brown 885

eyeline: M dark brown 895     *M = matte

accent: G bronze (inner corner and lower lashline)    *G = glitter

shu uemura glow on blush in medium peach 561 (matte) a universally pretty colour blush for any skintone.

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