behind-the-scenes: mon shu girl transformation!

the Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura holiday 2012 collection had been long awaited! mon shu girls have been seen everywhere from japan, to australia, to france and to my home country canada. together with my team mark darren and james mui, we transformed lovely model elizabeth into our very own mon shu girl! we had so much fun with all of the fun makeup and the wig!

i used the smoky velvet palette and the mon shu red lipstick paired with the burgundy luxe lipstick from the collection to create this look and my wonderful husband was there to capture the process step-by-step:

  • tsuya skin serum and tsuya uv underbase using pentagon sponge
  • illuminating moisture foundation in 564 and brush 18
  • pro gel cealer to conceal imperfections using natural brush 10
  • face powder matte using brush 18R
  • spritz depsea water for a glowing finish

create thick lines to shape eyes using black painting liner and natural brush 5F; set and soften the painting liner with the black shimmery shade

use shimmery black shade and natural brush 10 to create depth for crease; 

blend to desired shape using natural brush 10

blend to desired shape using natural brush 10

apply emerald shade to the centre of lids using natural brush 10

create gradation from the black shade using brush 11 and emerald shade; soften edges using the grey shade and brush 11

lower lid…
  • apply black shade to lower lid using natural brush 10F
  • soften and create gradation using the emerald shade and brush 10F
  • highlight inner corners of the eyes using the white gold glitter shade and brush 4R

curl lashes
apply xtreme stretch mascara
apply karl for shu premium lashes

apply red blush from the palette using brush 15; dab and blend outward

line the outside of lips using cover crayon and blend with synthetic brush 10 (to prevent the red lipstick from bleeding out)

apply mon shu red lipstick using portable lip brush; apply luxe burgundy lipstick using portable lip brush to the outer corners of lips and centre crease of lips to create the illusion of fuller, more dimensional lips

and here comes the wig!

we had so much fun with this shoot!

here are some on set photos taken by mark:

and here’s the final image:

do they look a like ? lol =)

thanks for reading!!

  1. Myk said:

    This is sooo cool! Thanks for posting these pictures. It’s always so interesting to see what goes on behind all the glam!


  2. Carina said:

    I tried recreating the look of a Mon Shu Girl doll I got, but I only have the Prestigious Bordeaux palette. But then! I noticed that the Mon Shu Girls on the lipstick cases have purple shadow. So I thought that was a super cute touch. 🙂


  3. Pauline said:

    Hi Patricia, I love to visit your website and I always look out for the tips you advise on makeup 🙂 can I enquire for natural brush 10, is it an eyeshadow brush but also can be use as a concealer brush? Thanks Patricia 🙂 btw I’m your fan from Singapore heehee 😃


    • Hi Pauline! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! As for natural brush 10, yes you can use it as a concealer brush :). Natural hairs give the best even application of any product (liquid or powder). If ever you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Take care!


      • Pauline said:

        Hi Patricia thanks for your reply 🙂 I can’t wait to go buy the brush soon 😀 and want to add in , you are very beautiful and have such flawless skin so envy :):)


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