paris fashion week! my experience backstage at the tsumori chisato show

ever since i first started as shu uemura’s official make-up artist for north america, kakuyasu uchiide – international artistic director for shu uemura – has kept in touch with me and is always so kind in providing me with guidance. uchiide-san is such a talented artist and has such a sincere passion for the true beauty behind the art. i had the honour of being invited by uchiide-san to work along side him and his france team during paris fashion week.

working along side kakuyasu uchiide was truly an honor. i was amazed watching him apply makeup with such ease and precision. despite such a hectic schedule, he was so calm, patient and helpful. he taught me so much even though there was so much going on. working backstage for such a renowned designer and with such an amazing team of shu uemura artists led by gracious uchiide-san was more than i could ever ask for! his concept seemed so simple, but requires so much skill; who would have thought drawing a straight rectangular line could be such a challenge! each model’s eyes are so different, requiring much skill to adapt the shape perfectly. the look inspired by a glowing, rosy face after a day on the slopes fit the collection magically. big thank you to uchiide-san for such an unforgettable experience!

my workstation

begins to get busy…

uchiide-san demos to the team the makeup look he created 

off to work i go! (photo taken from

my first model complete


my second model done (photo taken from


watch the show!

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