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I love doing dramatic makeup on models for photoshoots, but when it comes to myself, I like to keep things very simple, soft and natural. For myself, I never like to look like I’m wearing a ton of makeup. If you’re anything like me, then here’s how to create a simple and soft makeup look with a touch of gold glitter to ring in 2015!

I used the Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura shupette collection to create this look:

DSC_1048 DSC_1049


Choupette! Karl Lagerfeld’s cat!


Glitter eyeshadow (pink, gold and platinum)


Cute furry makeup bag for the palette


Lipstick and eyeshadow palette

DSC_1073 DSC_1075 DSC_1077

Slik cushion blush


shupette eye-need-shu eyeliner in gala brown 


How I used the palette:



Step 1: Tight line the lash line and thickly line the upper lash line with shu uemura drawing pencil in black. Use the brown glittery shupette drawing pencil to perfect the black liner and to create a slight cat eye.




Step 2: Brush the cool purple shadow (#1 in image) starting from the outer 1/3 of eyelid using brush 10.FullSizeRender_1


Step 3: Blend the golden taupe shade (#2) into the purple shade starting from the centre of the eyelid.FullSizeRender_2


Step 4: Create depth using the plum shade and brush 5R.FullSizeRender_3


Step 5: Soften the plum shade using the golden yellow shade (#4) and brush 8H. FullSizeRender_4

Step 6: Apply gold glitter to the centre of the eyelid and in the inner corners of the eyes using finger tip. Re-line the eyes to create a more evident winged eye.


Step 7: Apply mascara and shu uemura black v false lashes and pat the silk cushion cheek blush onto cheeks using finger tips. It’s a moist blush that turns to a powder finish when applied.



Happy New Year!



as promised, here is the first of the looks  that i’ll be creating on myself for the karl lagerfeld for shu uemura collection. one of this fall and holiday season’s trend is all about rocking red lips paired with soft neutral eyes. for this easy-to-do and very wearable look, i used the prestigious bordeaux palette and 2 shades of red lipstick from the collection: mon shu red and luxe burgundy.

for the look, i used the 2 brown shades, the golden glittery shade, the deep purple to deepen crease and the red blush (i know it looks very red, but it looks so good on!)

so here are the steps! (i was sitting at my vanity table with a window to my right so the lighting kept changing! please excuse the colour and quality of photos – all done with my iphone!)

  • for my skin, i used tsuya skin serum and uv underbase
  • foundation is face architect smooth fit fluid foundation in 564 (medium light sand)
  • concealer is point cealer in medium light sand

  • i just realized that i left out one photo. before softening edges, i used brush 5R and the deep purple shade to deepen my crease.

  • curl lashes
  • then use xtreme stretch mascara for top and bottom lashes
  • apply shu uemura soft cross lashes (or your favourite shu lashes)

  • apply red blush using brush 15 – dab (as the blush is very pigmented) and create a soft gradation

experiment with a red that suits you best. i first tried mon shu red (to the far left), then i dabbed luxe burgundy (second from the left) to the centre of my lips. i found this gave my lips more dimension and i personally like the crimson tone better for my skin:

this is the mon shu red on its own with no lip liner and no concealer/foundation on my lips

this is in natural light in front of my window (wow, i need a tan! lol)

this is after i dabbed the luxe burgundy to the centre of my lips. i found it gave a more velvety textured look.


thanks for reading!  i’ll be doing another look using the smoky palette soon! remember to check back!

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