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There’s nothing like doing wedding makeup for family. It was honour to be a part of my sister in law’s sister’s magical wedding. The woodland magic truly came to life and translated so well in the photos.

To match the scenery, we chose champagne and chocolate brown tones for her makeup. We finished off the eyes with a more natural set of lashes and warmed up her cheeks with some coral tones blushes. She was absolutely glowing.

My assistant did an amazing job on all of the bridesmaids. The eyes really stood without looking overly dramatic.

It was such a pleasure to take part in your special day!


Photo credits: Lushana Bale Photography

Being a working mom of two has left me little time to blog these days! I’m finally taking some time on this sunny day to write a post about a lovely bride that I had the opportunity to work with last year.

I do not exaggerate when I say that somehow I have been lucky enough to have only the sweetest brides book with me :). We are still in touch and I have become true friends with several of them.

This bride is among these lovely ladies. She is a natural beauty so naturally, she wanted a makeup look that would not be too dramatic. Although seemingly simple, this makeup look took a lot of thought. We tested it out a couple of times before deciding on which made her feel the most naturally beautiful. The look: focus on brows and lashes, glowing skin – lots of glow! and nude lips – not your typical nude though, a pink-beige.

Thank you for having me as your makeup artist and most of all, thank you for taking the time to keep in touch!










photos courtesy of Fine Prints Photography

I met Lydia last year when she came to me for bridal makeup for her first wedding celebration at City Hall. She has an adorable nephew and wanted to make sure that he would still recognize his auntie after her makeup was done; After the trial, her nephew saw her and approved!

We had a nice peaceful morning getting ready at the Westin Prince hotel. Lydia looked stunning in her beautiful red gown that she had made back home in Indonesia. Lydia and I had a special connection and I definitely wanted to be able to do her makeup again for her second wedding celebration later that year, but with my baby #2 on the way I had to miss out on that opportunity!

Lydia, I wish you all the best! I’m thankful to have met you!








Thank you to my hairstylist Mary! Always fantastic work!






I’d been proudly doing makeup for Nobis for a few years when the creative director referred Joanne, his cousin, to me for bridal makeup. Of course I was equally as proud to be able to beautify yet another lovely and sweet bride. Joanne was so fun to work with; Such a bright and upbeat spirit!

We kept her daytime makeup natural. For the evening reception at Chateau le Jardin, we deepened it and added another half set of falsies to add volume and fluff to the lashes.

Another shout out to my team for doing amazing work as usual with hair and makeup! Thanks Mary, Josephine, Eliza and Shaelyn!

Photo credits: Christine Reid Photography – Thank you!















Congratulations Joanne and Shaun! Thank you for having me be a part of your magical day!


This adorable bride is a natural beauty, so naturally she wanted makeup that would keep looking as natural as possible. She was not a fan of metallic, glittery makeup, so we kept everything very matte. I used a variety of browns and taupes to contour her eyes to create dimension and matte peach blush and highlighter powder to sculpt her face. I had a lovely time beatifying this sweet bride last year!


IL2_1042-2      IL2_0973 IL2_0977 IL2_1001-Edit IL2_1010-Edit IL2_1023-2

IL1_8869 copy IL1_8548IL1_8500-Edit IL1_8546  IL1_8456 IL1_8403

this sweet bride requested natural and soft makeup for her wedding at berkeley field house in toronto. rounded eyes and rosy cheeks suited perfectly this bubbly and cute lady! she doesn’t normally wear a lot of makeup, so keeping it natural for the daytime close up beauty shots worked best.

in the evening, just before the ceremony, we doubled up the lashes, deepened the contours and lined the waterline of her eyes to enhance the look for photography that would now be taken from more of a distance.

it was such a pleasure doing makeup for this sweet bride! Congrats!

Jeyla&Benny'swedding-70 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-75 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-84 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-89 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-105Jeyla&Benny'swedding-110 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-111 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-112 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-133 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-138 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-201 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-206 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-218 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-259 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-310 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-457 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-468 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-628 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-721 Jeyla&Benny'swedding-755

 photography by Johnny Lam Photography

makeup for monolid eyes is a challenge for many asians. even more challenging is making the makeup natural, as opposed to drawing thick eyeliner across the lid in order for it to show up when eyes are open.

for aspiring actress amanda zhou’s headshots, we did a youthful look using matte brown eyeshadows to keep it very natural.

here is a shot of her eyes before makeup:

IMG_5162 IMG_5163

how to achieve natural makeup for monolid eyes:

  • apply a brown cream base eyeshadow using a natural hair flat shader brush (brush 10) to create the desired shape for the eyes. be sure that the cream shadow shows when eyes are opened.
  • pat a matte medium brown eyeshadow on top of the cream base using the same brush, creating a gradation from the lash line upwards.
  • use a round pencil brush (brush 5R) to apply a matte deep brown eyeshadow to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • curl lashes, then tight line lash line with black painting liner. apply a bit of painting liner above the lash line as well.
  • apply a natural set of lashes and coat both the natural and false lashes with lots of mascara. then, use eyelash curler to clamp both together.
  • apply brown painting liner to bottom lash line and soften with matte medium brown shadow. apply mascara to bottom lashes.

and here are the photos taken by photographer denise grant in toronto:

AZ160 AZ162

and here are some fun shots taken after the shoot:

AZ164 AZ163 AZ155 AZ145

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