natural makeup for monolid eyes

makeup for monolid eyes is a challenge for many asians. even more challenging is making the makeup natural, as opposed to drawing thick eyeliner across the lid in order for it to show up when eyes are open.

for aspiring actress amanda zhou’s headshots, we did a youthful look using matte brown eyeshadows to keep it very natural.

here is a shot of her eyes before makeup:

IMG_5162 IMG_5163

how to achieve natural makeup for monolid eyes:

  • apply a brown cream base eyeshadow using a natural hair flat shader brush (brush 10) to create the desired shape for the eyes. be sure that the cream shadow shows when eyes are opened.
  • pat a matte medium brown eyeshadow on top of the cream base using the same brush, creating a gradation from the lash line upwards.
  • use a round pencil brush (brush 5R) to apply a matte deep brown eyeshadow to the outer corners of the eyes.
  • curl lashes, then tight line lash line with black painting liner. apply a bit of painting liner above the lash line as well.
  • apply a natural set of lashes and coat both the natural and false lashes with lots of mascara. then, use eyelash curler to clamp both together.
  • apply brown painting liner to bottom lash line and soften with matte medium brown shadow. apply mascara to bottom lashes.

and here are the photos taken by photographer denise grant in toronto:

AZ160 AZ162

and here are some fun shots taken after the shoot:

AZ164 AZ163 AZ155 AZ145

  1. mae said:

    could you make a video on how to put on this natural makeup for monolid eyes?


    • Hi Mae! I haven’t been doing videos but I will plan a step-by-step post so that you may see how to do the look:). Thanks for stopping by! Xo


  2. Mae said:

    Great! Looking forward to your step-by-step post! Thanks and reallllly love your work!


  3. sandra said:

    Have you gotten the chance to make the video yet? My eyes look very similar to hers! I have had a really hard time finding the perfect eye make up for my eyes, and I this is perfect! It looks so beautiful and natural. Also, what kind of products did you use here?


    • Hi Sandra! The model I want to use for for tutorial hasn’t been available yet. She’s got great monolid eyes for me to demo on. I’ll try to get it done asap! Thx for checking back! Xo


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