lili and dave’s wedding

bride lili found me through a forum and after her trial, i got to meet her amazing bridesmaids, jen and maddy. besides being able to beautify such great people, i got to make three new friends. we are all still in touch through facebook – i love what i do!

lili was a simple bride; she wanted to look fresh with rosy lips and nothing too dramatic for her eyes. so i used the shu uemura sunset gold palette and painting liner in brown.

jen is a full out shu uemura fan! she came telling me that she had prepped her skin with the complete shu uemura red:juvenus line (great choice – i use the emulsion as well).

maddy wanted something smokey for her eyes, but not too overdone. their bridesmaids dresses were a rich royal blue, so i chose some blue tones from the shu uemura color atelier eyeshadows and i use the the shu uemura drawing pencil in me blue.

GCL Photography was there to capture beautiful shots of the special day:

Some photos that I snapped:

lili – evening look


Photos sent courtesy of jen:

  1. Mae said:

    Hi, I really love the smokey make-up you put for the bridesmaids! it looks natural and stunning!
    I also love the video you did on smokey eyes for shu uemura tv!
    I’m always wondering if you could do a tutorial video on smokey eyes using wkw burning in water palette.
    It would be even better to do it on an Asian model.

    Thanks & Cheers


    • Hi Mae, thanks for the comment! I’ll definitely keep that in mind. We will be working on the videos soon! Check back 🙂


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