how to get rid of those fine lines and “de-puff” your eyes using shu uemura red:juvenus eye treatments

if you answer yes to either one of the following questions, then you’ll want to read this post:

  1. take your finger and lift your cheek area, right under your eye, do you see thin lines? or do you see very fine lines when you smile?
  2. do you wake up some mornings with puffy and dark under eyes?
if you answered yes to question#1, then you better start acting now. it’s the first signs of aging and it’s what i’m experiencing right now. to prevent these fine lines from becoming wrinkles (which is when the second layer of your skin begins to loose it’s elasticity), i’m using the red:juvenus line-reducing eye essence in the morning and in the evening following my regular skin care regime. the red:juvenus line is designed to aid in the first signs of aging. the line is enriched with anti-oxidant ingredients (pomegranate, red currents and tomato extract).
if you answered yes to question#2, shu uemura has come out with a new product to instantly get rid of those puffy, tired eyes. it was inspired by the shiatsu massage technique which encourages circulation and flow. bringing circulation back to the eye area will decongest and take away the puffiness. i’m using the shu uemura red:juvenus roll-away instant eye fatigue. it contains guarana fruit extract which instantly reduces dark circles. use this product in combination with the line-reducing eye essence and carry it in your purse and have it handy when your eyes are feeling tired at work. there’s a trick to using this new product: using the cool silver ball to press on the pressure points around the eye area:
give these products a try, your skin will thank you!
want more tips on skin care? message me if you have any requests.

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