soft, romantic makeup for the holidays

it’s the holiday season; that means christmas dinners and parties and don’t forget about the new year festivities that are just around the corner! this calls for a glam look with a holiday sparkle to accentuate your eyes.

using the shu uemura WKW holiday collection’s drowning in flame palette, i created a very wearable soft and playful holiday look and added that extra sparkle using the collection’s jeweled love partial lashes. when your eyes are open, it just looks like you’ve got a burgundy accent in your lashes, but when you blink the gold crystals on the base of the lashes catch the light and create a twinkle in your eye each time you blink – so stunning.

photographer mark darren mui captured a romantic shot of model janice wu. she was picture perfect for the holiday season!

to create the look:

For a romantic holiday look, use brush 12 and eyeshadow ME soft purple 735 all over the lid. Use brush 10 and P dark purple 781 along the lash line and at the outer corners of the eyes. Pat G gold all over the lid and in the inner corners of the eyes. Line eyes with painting liner in brown and brush 5F. Finish by accentuating eyes with jeweled love partial lashes at the outer corners of the eyes. Use rouge unlimited pink flush for the lips.

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