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i had been itching to do some creative makeup ever since the shu uemura beauty make-up art competition. when it comes to makeup, the fun part about it all for me is using it to create a beautiful image. makeup is the art of expression; it’s interesting how beauty is perceived by each person – it’s so subjective and that’s the beauty of it all.

i was chatting with one of my models and she was telling me how she loves “ugly pretty”. that made me giggle, because i knew exactly what she meant. like everyone else, i love the classic “pretty” that we all see in beauty shots and i love creating those makeup looks, but i also love what’s “ugly pretty”. makeup looks that are out of the ordinary really intrigue me.

i met illustrator with a new found love for photography, dominique fung, who appreciate the same type of beauty. we got together early 2012 for a creative photoshoot with three other models and wonderful hairstylists from salon de éléphant in toronto.

here is the first of the series of three images that we created together:

i wanted to create a look that draws the viewer’s attention to the icy blue eyes. i muted out her lips and her skin tone so that all that’s left is her gaze. i used shu uemura colour atelier pressed eyeshadows in various shades of blue to create this look. they really made model emily’s blue eyes pop. to finish off this dramatic “ugly pretty” look, i used the dance in glitter premium lashes from the wkw holiday collection.

what do you think of my expression of “ugly pretty”?

to celebrate the shu uemura wong kar wai holiday collection, Insert Magazine requested a soft and sexy holiday makeup look for their cover girl. the magazine also includes steps on how to recreate the look. i met the photographer and the rep from Insert Magazine at holt renfrew bloor location. to create the requested purple look, i used the wkw eyeshadow palette which also includes a cream blush. for asian eyes, i like to use a full strip of lashes before applying the partial jeweled love lashes; this helps to support the partial lashes and also opens up the eyes even more.

to view the entire online issue, click here.

it’s the holiday season; that means christmas dinners and parties and don’t forget about the new year festivities that are just around the corner! this calls for a glam look with a holiday sparkle to accentuate your eyes.

using the shu uemura WKW holiday collection’s drowning in flame palette, i created a very wearable soft and playful holiday look and added that extra sparkle using the collection’s jeweled love partial lashes. when your eyes are open, it just looks like you’ve got a burgundy accent in your lashes, but when you blink the gold crystals on the base of the lashes catch the light and create a twinkle in your eye each time you blink – so stunning.

photographer mark darren mui captured a romantic shot of model janice wu. she was picture perfect for the holiday season!

to create the look:

For a romantic holiday look, use brush 12 and eyeshadow ME soft purple 735 all over the lid. Use brush 10 and P dark purple 781 along the lash line and at the outer corners of the eyes. Pat G gold all over the lid and in the inner corners of the eyes. Line eyes with painting liner in brown and brush 5F. Finish by accentuating eyes with jeweled love partial lashes at the outer corners of the eyes. Use rouge unlimited pink flush for the lips.

using the shu uemura WKW holiday collection, i created a look for shu uemura using colours from both the holiday palettes as well as the glamourous dance in glitter premium false lashes. i wanted to create a look that was simple, bold yet soft to show case the lovely colour atelier eyeshadows. the shu uemura eyeshadows have great colour pay-off because they are so pigmented. i didn’t need to use a cream base to create the intense blue.

photographer mark darren mui directed and captured a great shot with model stephanie nicholson. the perfect soft lighting made for a perfect photo.

to create the look:

For dramatic holiday eyes use brush 12 and pressed eyeshadow in ME medium blue 686 all over the lid. Then use brush 10 and P dark blue 696 to create a gradation from the lashline up to crease. Follow by using P dark purple 781 and brush 8HR and blend into the crease. Use G glitter in the inner corners of the eyes. Line eyes using drawing pencil ME blue. Complete the eyes with the dance in glitter false lashes. For lips, use rouge unlimited glitter fuse.

for a photo shoot with photographer teddy chau, i was creating a makeup look using the shu uemura wkw holiday collection burning in water palette on model effie tsorovas. the colours are so vibrant and are so well captured in photos. here is a behind-the-scenes shot / sneak peak at the look:

the collection is so beautiful; from the packaging, to the colours.

holographic image taken during the creation of wong kar wai’s short film “mask”.

drowning in flame palette. so lovely for creating soft, natural, romantic looks.

the perfect accent to a holiday look. jeweled love partial lashes. a must-try!

burning in water palette. for eyes that make a statement.

the beautiful premium lashes – dance in glitter.

such pretty nail polishes! i shall do a post on these soon. i’m wearing these colours as we speak.

i wanted to create a wearable look using the burning in water palette. sometimes we’re afraid to use bold colours, but give icy eyes a try this winter season:

warm up the edges with brown eyeshadow to make the look very wearable. i’m also using the shu uemura ultimate natural mascara which keeps lashes curled. for my brows, hard formula in seal brown for brows that stay put.

rather than a bold red (i used the wkw rouge luster on effie), try the wkw  pink flush for a softer look:

it’s an extremely moisturizing lipstick. i’m absolutely in love with this lipstick.

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