create a light, airy look using the new shu uemura celestial garden collection

waiting for spring to arrive? try playing around with some fun brighter colours to beat the winter blues! the new shu uemura celestial garden collection features soft and playful colours which is perfect for the bright colours that we’re seeing on the runways. colours can be intimidating, but shu uemura always creates colours that are bright, but so subtle when applied to the skin. the colours add a touch of highlight creating a luminescent effect.

find out, step by step, how to create a light and luminescent look using the new collection…

STEP 1: use the misty brown end of the double-end eye crayon all over the lid to create a base for the eyeshadows. blend out with your finger or a brush. then use the earthy brown end to darken the lash line; extend the colour out to create a shape for your eyes and line 2/3 of your bottom lash line beginning from the outer edge. soften the lines using brush 10.

STEP 2: using brush 10, pat the light yellow eyeshadow in the light eyeshadow trio beginning from the centre of you lid and blend away from the centre (creating a gradation). apply the same shade in the inner corner to brighten the eyes and continue the colour on the bottom lash line beginning in the inner corner.

STEP 3: using brush 10 pat the green glitter shade in the same palette to the centre of your lid blending it into the yellow. apply the green to the centre of the bottom lash line.

STEP 4: using brush 10 apply the brown shade to the outer corner of the eyes (over top the earthy brown eyeliner base applied earlier) and to the bottom lash line. blend inwards. use brush 8HR to blend out the harsh edges.

P.S. These palettes were named amongst the most beautiful palettes by vogue paris! Great thing about them is that they are refillable. you get to keep the beautifully designed palette. you may even choose to refill it with one of the shu uemura glow on blushers.

STEP 5: the natural mascara keeps “hard-to-curl lashes” curled after having used the shu uemura lash curler. i use this before applying falsies because it creates a good “lift” for the falsies to sit on. for this look, i used shu uemura lashes in luxe brown. (i also lined my eyes using painting liner in black and tight-lined as well using brush 4F).

STEP 6:  for dewy, glowing cheeks, apply the fairy pink or sunlight peach creamy dome blusheto the apples of the cheeks in circular motions blending outwards to create gradation.

STEP 6: to get the true colour of the beautiful juicy glosses, dab a bit of pro gel cealor to the lips, then apply the corona orange gloss for beautifully moist and plump lips.

and here is my look:

check back next week for my look using the airy palette!

  1. Adelle :) said:

    OMG, I love the look! The eyeshadows look gorgeous too. Would you be able to swatch them on your next blog post so we can see the colors separately ? They don’t have any Shu Uemura stores in the states anymore.


  2. Love it love it! Shu always has the cuttest packages!!! And gorgeous look Patricia!


  3. Nao said:

    Really nice 🙂 How do you create that luminous skin look?


    • Thanks! To get the luminous skin look, I use the shu uemura stage performer instant glow as a base. Then I used the face architect smoothing fluid foundation and set it with loose powder matte. To get the final glow, I spritzed my face with the shu uemura depsea water facial mist. Try it and let me know how it works out! 🙂


  4. Nao said:

    Thanks Patrticia for your detailed reply. I will try it when I get the products and let you know! 🙂


  5. Giselle said:

    I was wondering actually about the shu poster pic, there’s that pink, orange, and brown color floating around there – what colors are those? they aren’t another celestial palette are they? I have light and air but what’s that pink/orange/brown there :3


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