how to get fresh purple eyes with the new shu uemura celestial garden collection

spring 2012 is all about colours! if you’re like me, and prefer more subtle options, then you’ll love the new shu uemura celestial garden collection. the colours are bright, but soft and blend easily together.

here’s how to create fresh purple eyes for spring using the air eyeshadow trio :

STEP 1: start with creating a perfect canvas. for glowing skin, prep with the shu uemura stage performer instant glow. it evens out the skin tone and fills in fine lines for plump, supple skin.



STEP 2: use brush 18 to apply shu uemura face architect illuminations moisture fluid foundation (i use colour 564; if your skin tone is more yellow, opt for the colours that begin with the number 7). set with face powder matte for a silky finish and finally, set everything by spritzing with depsea water facial mist (my favourites are rose and lavendar) – this is how to get glowing skin as opposed to oily skin.



STEP 3: starting at the centre of the lid, apply the purple shade using brush 10. blend away from the centre, all the way up to the brow bone. add more purple to the centre of lid. apply same shade to the bottom lash line.

STEP 4: use brush 8HR and add the blue glitter shade to the inner corner of the eye, blending slightly into the purple.

STEP 5: apply the earthy brown of the double-end eye pencil to the upper lash line. thicken towards the end in order to create a base. blend out the line with brush 10.

STEP 6: use brush 10 and apply the brown shade of eyeshadow to the outer edge of the eyes. do the same to the bottom 1/3 of lash line. line again with black painting liner; then blend and extend the line using matte black eyeshadow.



STEP 7: finish the eyes by curling lashes, applying natural mascara in black and of course, apply a pair of shu uemura falsies. i’m using slant black false lashes.



STEP 8: lips! i dabbed some pro gel cealor to my lips to get the true colour of the beautiful blooming pink lip gloss in the celestial garden collection.



here is the look:

thanks for reading! more looks to come…

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  1. Jazz said:

    Love the purple on you dear! Wow! It’s as if your eyes are illuminated!


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