colour swatches for the new shu uemura celestial garden palettes

as requested by one of my readers, here are colour swatches for the two shu uemura celestial garden eyeshadow trio palettes. each palette comes with three very wearable colours: a glitter shadow to highlight, a pastel colour shadow for the lid and a brown shadow to contour and/or line eyes.

these beautiful palettes are refillable. once you’re finished with the three pans, you can replace them with any two of the regular sized shu uemura colour atelier eyeshadow refills. you can also opt to replace them with one of the shu uemura glow on blushers.

perfect colour combos for spring or summer!

  1. Jazz said:

    Thanks for posting this up dear! Super helpful!


  2. Adelle :) said:

    Thanks so much for the swatches!!!!


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