jean-charles de castelbajac show – backstage in paris!

The make-up look that Kakuyasu Uchiide created for the JCDC was stunning. The collection’s theme was the black eagle and Uchiide-San designed an intricate look to reflect it. I must say that it was a very challenging and technical look that requires a lot of patience, as there was a lot of gradation involved using dark eyeshadows. It took 45-60 minutes to complete one model! It was so hectic backstage as hairstylists and makeup artists worked hard to complete everything on time! At one point uk senior artist haydn jones and i were working on one model together in order to speed up the process! Uchiide-San couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of us – true team work!

I was so honored when Uchiide-San came to personally help me as I was starting the look. I’ve learned so much and have so much to practice! Uchiide-San always makes things look so simple, but the shu uemura brush technique is like no other; It requires so much discipline. Watching him at work is like watching an artist paint his canvas with impeccable precision. I’ll never forget this experience.

the venue: l’oratoire du louvre

my workstation

reference photo of the gothic makeup look created by kakuyashu uchiide for JCDC

backstage makeup area (top floor of l’oratoire du louvre); it got pretty crazy in here!

my first model complete. i loved uchiide-san’s creation of the feathered graphic design on the temple.

my second model complete. she’s canadian! amanda from ottawa – such a sweetheart.

a crazy scramble backstage just before the show

nside the venue – p. diddy was at this show! lol

my model rocking the catwalk!

photos taken from


watch the show! the music really completed the show creating an eery ambiance.

JC de CASTELBAJAC FIRE ON ICE AW12/13 from JCDCnews on Vimeo.

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