glitter eye for shu uemura part 1

i’ve been working on a series of photos for the shu uemura glitter eye collection: new glitter pressed eyeshadow shades, cream shadows and silk smooth shadows. it’s been such a fun process; from preparing face charts, to doing test shoots with various models and lighting setups with photographer james mui and then creating the actual and final images with photographer mark darren  to submit to shu uemura.

i had the pleasure of meeting and working with talented model adriana chira; together we created a smoky olive look using a combination of the new shadows and one existing shade (ME472) and the shu farfallina lashes. it was so fun to see the colours morph under different lighting setups; the soft grey background gave such a subtle smoky eye with hints of glitter, while the white background really made the colours look punchy.

here are some of the images that were captured during the process of this project (although this post is entitled “part 1”, it’s in no particular order). more photos (parts) from this project to come!

  1. Jazz said:

    Wow! It’s crazy how the background makes the color look so different! But that’s the beauty of colors and light right? I actually don’t like too much glitter…but this collection looks absolutely stunning! Thanks for all the fun work you always put up dear!


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