how-to: raspberry & mocha chocolate look for fall

chocolate paired with raspberry and mocha creates such a delightfully rich palette. for the fall season, create sensual smoky brown eyes using metallic warm shades and rich matte brown shadows.

for the new shu uemura fall 2012 chocolat-donna collection, i created two makeup looks using two of the three delicious palettes. the first of the two was using the raspberry & mocha palette. if you’re looking for the most neutral and wearable of the three palette, this one would be your pick.

raspberry & mocha is the one in the centre

for this look, i wanted to show off more of the pinks and purples while using the browns to contour. i love that all of the palettes come with both medium and dark brown matte shades which are so perfect for contouring and creating a lovely chocolate smoky eye.

here’s how to create the look (and some behind-the-scenes photos taken by my wonderful husband):


  • base: stage performer instant glow (it was designed to use on runway models backstage to instantly correct imperfections including fine lines. it has a chroma-adjuster so it adjusts to the colour of your skin when applied)
  • use brush 18 and apply illuminating moisture foundation (764 was used on model)
  • use synthetic brush 10 to apply point cealer (medium light beige for model)
  • brush 18R to set foundation using matte powder in colourless





  • use eye light pencil white on brow bone and blend with brush 10 (apply onto lids also if desired to intensify eyeshadow colour)

  • use natural brush 10 and brown cream shadow to create crease shape
  • use brush 12 to apply pink shade on brow bone
  • use brush 11 to apply matte brown shade over top brown cream shadow

  • brush 10 to apply pink shade to center of lid
  • brush 10 to apply purple shade to crease and extend out to temple; brush 11 to soften
  • brush 5R to apply deep brown shade to outer corner to add depth
  • brush 10F to apply deep brown and metallic brown to lower lid
  • brush 4R to apply pearl shade to the inner corner
  • brush 2R to line eyes with black painting liner
  • curl lashes and use stretch xtreme mascara (which is a waterproof fibre mascara, so you can build volume and length by applying several coats – i love this!)
  • apply choco-lash




  • use brush 20 to apply frambosier blush contouring cheeks then apply apricot blush to apples of cheeks


  • rouge unlimited BR 750 and gloss 283


  • 2 coats of dark chocolate then apply icing glitter on tips for dark chocolate champagne nails!

we had a hard time choosing just one image for shu uemura; here were are initial final four:


these are unedited images


here’s the final image captured by talented photographer mark darren with beautiful model stephanie nicholson with hair styled by eliza tam:



i’ll be blogging about the orange & pistachio palette soon – stayed tuned!

  1. Amy said:

    Love these palettes. I’d bought both the raspberry & pistachio palettes when they were launched in Singapore few weeks back. I’m looking forward to ur demo on the pistachio palette. By the way could you advise how could I purchase the kolinsky 15 and 11 from Singapore as the shops here do not carry them, neither could I purchase them online from the US website – for my personal use. Thks ahead for any suggestion in obtaining them.


    • Hi Amy! Thanks for your lovely comment :). The chocolat-donna palette are just lovely aren’t they? As for your question about the kollinsky brushes, let me consult with head office over here in Canada and see what they say. I hope you’ll find your brushes! They are simply the best.


      • Amy said:

        Thank you, Patricia, most appreciate your help. I am glad to re-discover Shu and your blog. While I will not be using makeup the way you demo’d. It’s most enjoyable to read abt the process of achieving the new amazing looks. As an OL, and newbie to liquid foundation, Shu’s products and brushes are absolutely up there, improves the way my skin looks and makes me looking forward to ofc – daily… Looking forward to ur next post.


      • Yes, shu skincare and foundations are quite amazing. Have you ever tried finishing off your makeup with a spritz of depsea mist? Your skin will glow! As for your questions, I heard back from head office and they said that those brushes are unfortunately unavailable for purchase in Singapore. Also, the reason why you cannot purchase the brushes on the US website is because we only ship to US addresses:(. Maybe the next time you are ever traveling elsewhere in Asia, you can look for them there? Good luck! And thanks again for reading. I hope you discover more about shu 🙂 xx


      • Amy said:

        The deepsea will certainly be one of my next purchase @ Shu! O, really disappointed about not able get my hands on those brushes missing from my eye makeup brushes collection. Guess will have to lookout for these brushes when I travel. But thank you much for feeding back =))


    • Thanks Amanda! Putting on the lashes is always the icing on the cupcake for me :). Thanks for reading! xx


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