how-to: add some colour for autumn eyes

IMG_5479many of us tend to shy away from colour when it comes to eyeshadows. i noticed the most popular eyeshadows in north america are usually the neutrals, like browns, taupes, beiges. i wonder if it’s because of the uncertainty of how to apply colour that turn people away from it. if applied in the right places, bright colours like orange are also very wearable!


how to…

here’s how to create an autumn look using vivid orange eyeshadow. you can follow the same steps using any bold and bright coloured eyeshadow to make it super wearable.

autumn eyes



so you can see a hint of orange peeking through which really subtly changes up the typical neutral eye. this would work great with purple, blue or even green eyeshadow; once those colours are paired with a matte brown in the outer corner of the eye, it automatically tones down the colour making it into an accent rather than an overpowering colour.


to finish off…

pair this colourful eye with a soft blush and a nice gloss and you’re done!



  1. Kay said:

    Hi Patricia,
    Thank you for this post! I find wearing orange eyeshadow challenging as I don’t know what color blush and lip to go with it. Too peachy or too pinky looks off. Can you tell me what blush and lip you are wearing?
    Also would appreciate some hints as to what to use for other bright eyeshadows such as green, blue, and lavender. Mine don’t get much use probably because of the challenge of coordinating cheeks and lips.
    Thank you!


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