review: new shu uemura lip glosses…<3


it’s so hard to find a good lip gloss that has great colour pay off and that is actually moisturizing. there are many out there that look nice and glossy when first applied, but leaves lips feeling so sticky and starts to look a bit pasty on the lips shortly after the initial application.

when shu uemura came out with the new line of glosses, i thought that just the colours would be new, but to my delight, the formula is much improved as well! when applied, i can feel an ever so slight moisturizing tingle and it actually helped to smooth away the dry little flakes on my lips which usually looks so terrible when i apply a coloured gloss or lipstick over top. my lips tend to be on the dry side, which is why i tend not to wear lipsticks, but i’ve seriously been obsessed with these new glosses. my 2 favourites colours that go great with my fair skin tone are CR 20 S and PK 50 C – I had been wearing these two interchangeably during the entire summer.

here are some images to give an idea what the glosses look like:

close up gloss close up gloss_2


CR 10 S – i find this one a bit of a deeper coral for my skin tone; would look nicer on someone who is less fair skinned

cr20 s

CR 20 S – I really like this one!

pk50 c

PK 50 C – I really love the cream texture of this one. great coverage and such a soft creamy pink.


PK 60 C – great glitter to this soft pink. i’m not the big glitter-wearer, but if i were, i’d choose this one!

what i love about the new looped applicator…

the existing shu umeura glosses have a straight tipped applicator, whereas the new glosses have a looped applicator which i find smoothes the gloss on effortlessly and scoops out more of the gloss from the tube. the slight point on the tip let’s you get the corners of your mouth very easily.


overall, i love these new glosses and i think that every girl should have one handy in their purse! so easy to apply (don’t have to whip out a mirror) and gives the right amount of colour so that you don’t look over done. it gives a fresh finish to simple, everyday, natural makeup – which nowadays is so important to me since i’m so busy! not much time to do a full face of makeup anymore!

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