makeup is the art of expression, the possibilities are endless…

i had been itching to do some creative makeup ever since the shu uemura beauty make-up art competition. when it comes to makeup, the fun part about it all for me is using it to create a beautiful image. makeup is the art of expression; it’s interesting how beauty is perceived by each person – it’s so subjective and that’s the beauty of it all.

i was chatting with one of my models and she was telling me how she loves “ugly pretty”. that made me giggle, because i knew exactly what she meant. like everyone else, i love the classic “pretty” that we all see in beauty shots and i love creating those makeup looks, but i also love what’s “ugly pretty”. makeup looks that are out of the ordinary really intrigue me.

i met illustrator with a new found love for photography, dominique fung, who appreciate the same type of beauty. we got together early 2012 for a creative photoshoot with three other models and wonderful hairstylists from salon de éléphant in toronto.

here is the first of the series of three images that we created together:

i wanted to create a look that draws the viewer’s attention to the icy blue eyes. i muted out her lips and her skin tone so that all that’s left is her gaze. i used shu uemura colour atelier pressed eyeshadows in various shades of blue to create this look. they really made model emily’s blue eyes pop. to finish off this dramatic “ugly pretty” look, i used the dance in glitter premium lashes from the wkw holiday collection.

what do you think of my expression of “ugly pretty”?

  1. Jazz said:

    ❤ it!!! Very creative and striking! Also love how her clothes kind of fades into her skin. Great detail dear!


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