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for the prom fashion show event at holt renfrew yorkdale, i wore a brown dolly eyed look which turned out to be a favourite amongst clients and online shu fans. i’ve received a few requests on how to create the look. so here it is step-by-step:




for a dolly-look, it’s important to have “porcelain”-like skin. i don’t mean that it needs to be porcelain pale in colour, but it needs to be even and glowing.





the weather is getting much warmer! time to switch our darks for some colour. for those who always stick to neutral eyeshadows, a simple way to incorporate a bit of colour to your look is to switch your base colour eyeshadow in your shu uemura quad to a fun coloured eyeshadow. makeup is all about experimenting, so have some fun!

i chose to experiment with one of the new shu uemura eyeshadow shades: P light green 520. i simply used it as my base colour and did my makeup as i would normally. to keep the look soft, i used shu uemura brown painting liner on my upper and lower lash line rather than black, which can be a bit harsh. i also used shu uemura farfallina lashes, which are a mix of brown and black which keeps the look soft as well.

this is the look i wore to launch the new mamechiyo limited edition collection of uv underbases and cleansing oils (pick them up now before we run out! i’m stocking up on the bb beige uv underbase!):

here’s how to create the look:


  • mamechiyo uv underbase in bb beige to even out my skin (especially those blemishes from occasional breakouts)
  • face architect smoothing fluid foundation in 564 (medium light sand)  (which is semi-matte because my skin tends to get a bit oily in the warmer months)
  • glow on in 561 (it’s a matte medium peach) on the apples of my cheeks, then i soften the edges on my cheekbones using glow on P510 (a pearl light peach)


  • since the band of the false lashes is a little thicker than the natural lashes, i used brush 10F (flat brush) to press painting liner in brown in my upper lash line (creating sort of a base near the lash line)
  • use brush 10 and eyeshadow P light green 520 and apply from lash line up, creating a gradation form lash line up to crease.
  • use brush 10 and apply P medium brown 875 to lash line and outer corner. soften outer corner with m dark brown 895 and brush 11.
  • use brush 11 and apply m light beige 813 to brown bone and blend into the dark brown to soften.
  • use black painting liner and brush 4F to tight line upper lash line
  • use brown painting liner and brush 4F to line upper and lower lash line.
  • use brush 10F and m dark brown 895 to soften lower lash line
  • use brush 5R (pencil brush) and me gold soft gold 335 to inner corner
  • curl lashes, apply ultimate natural mascara in brown (it’s light and keeps the curl of the lashes so that the falsies can sit on top of them and use them as a base) and apply farfallina lashes which adds some serious volume and length!

click here to discover shu uemura eyeshadows

click here to discover shu uemura hand crafted brushes 


  • hard formula in seal brown. start in the middle of the brown and apply in strokes following the direction of hair growth
  • soften the brown using brush 6OB to brush through your brows


And here’s my lovely shu uemura team at yorkdale holt renfrew launching the mamechiyo collection and featuring our new rouge unlimited lipsticks and new eyeshadow shades:

photography by mark darren mui and james mui, model: amanda z, hair&makeup by patricia lee

tangerine is the “it” colour of this season! i know that tangerine seems like a difficult colour to pull off, but trust me, any colour could look good on anyone; it’s all about finding the right shade and about pairing it with the right makeup and outfit. here are some tips on wearing tangerine makeup:

  1. use only one item of makeup that is tangerine. if you use a sweep of tangerine eyeshadow on the eyes, then keep your lips neutral and use bronzer or a soft blush on the cheeks. if you use tangerine on the lips, keep eyes neutral by using taupes/browns. if you use tangerine on the cheeks, opt for a gloss on the lips rather than a lipstick.
  2. choose a shade of tangerine that suits you. if you are fair-skinned, choose a more coral tone. if you have olive skin, you can choose a more orange  (warm) tone. if you have darker skin, choose a cooler tone of tangerine. here are some suggestions:

lip stick for fair-skin: shu uemura rouge unlimited in cr310 light peach oral

blush for fair-skin: sunlight peach creamy dome blush

lipstick for olive (tan) skin: cr330 medium grapefruit

blush for olive (tan) skin: p vivid orange glow on

for darker skin: rouge unlimited or520

blush for darker skin: m medium peach 560 (i love this one!)

find out how to re-create this look at

have fun with colours! brighten up your day with some tangerine!

if you’re looking for smooth, comfortable and gorgeous lipsticks this season, you’ll be in love with these new shu uemura rouge unlimited lipsticks, just like i am!

here are five very wearable spring shades. of course there are so many more shu uemura lipstick colours to suit all of our many moods and tastes. they are all so creamy, which is what i love about all shu uemura lipsticks because my lips get dry and flaky very easily (yikes). theses new rouge unlimited lipsticks are formulated with supreme moisture and comfort. love them!

don’t shy away from the colours; once these shades are applied, they look so beautiful and natural.

left to right: CR 310 (cream), PK 335 (pink), MV 245 (mauve), BG 935 (deep beige), BG 911 (light beige)

left to right: CR 310 (coral), PK 335 (pink), MV 245 (mauve), BG 935 (deep beige), BG 911 (light beige)

i’ve sampled all of them and i must say, i do have my favourites. what do you think?:

above photo: CR 310 – a creamy peachy shade with a creamy shine finish

above photo: PK 335 medium fushia – a shimmery candy pink (slightly iridescent)perfect, fun spring/summer shade!

above photo: BG 935 – a soft pink beige (looks like a deep wine colour when you look at the lipstick, but when you apply it, it’s a nice pinky beige – perfect for those who don’t feel like sporting a red lip).

above photo: MV 245 – rosy mauve. one of my favourites!! it’s got a cool undertone, so it’s a cool pink. i love this because i personally don’t like when my lips are red; some of you ladies know what i’m talking about! i prefer cool, nude lips on myself.

above photo: BG 911 – soft muted beige. this colour is perfect with a smoky eye. when eyes are intense, you want to tone down the rest of your makeup (so muted lips, natural soft blush). unlike other nude lipsticks that make your lips look dry and caky, this new formula is seriously super moist and make your lips look full (no wrinkles) and shiny.

which one do you like most?

our favourite celebs walked the red carpet at the 2012 golden globes with the trendiest makeup looks. from soft pink to red hot lips, they each had a look that caught the camera’s lens. playing with different lip colours is something that all girls should try this season. playful lip colours paired with the right eye makeup is what creates the perfect makeup look.

rooney mara and glee’s naya riveria were my favourites; rooney mara looked perfect with her flawless skin and pink lips, while naya rivera looked ravishing in velvet red lips.

to recreate rooney mara’s look at home, try using these shu uemura products:

matte soft skin: face architect glow enhancing powder foundation (for higher coverage, simply wet the sponge to apply the powder foundation)

rosy cheeks: dome blush in fairy pink

soft winged eyes: P light pink 125 all over lid; M soft brown 851 for crease to contour; m black 990 to create soft winged eyes – a modern spin to the traditional solid wing.

full lashline: tightline eyes with painting liner in black

lashes: natural volume lashes

matte lips: rouge unlimited supreme matte in angelic pink (my favourite!) or pk19 in the sakura collection (it’s a cool pastel lavendar pink)





to recreate naya rivera’s look at home, try using these shu uemura products:

creamy matte skin: nobara cream stick foundation and blend using a sponge. it’s high coverage so it’ll conceal imperfections.

contour cheeks: glow on blush in matte amber 761

bold brows: hard formula brow pencil

soft lined eyes: drawing pencil in black and smudge using brush and matte black eyeshadow

velvet lips: rouge unlimited supreme shine in rd185 apply to lips, then blot with a tissue, repeat. this will create a velvet finish.




have fun experimenting! did such an amazing job in creating this cute video for bride lili and groom dave. i had such a great time doing lili’s makeup using the shu uemura sunset gold palette and shu pink lipsticks. the bridesmaids were in royal blue, so using the colour atelier eyeshadows in blue hues, i created soft, smokey blue eyes for them. it was a fun morning!


Lili + Dave from Studio 910 on Vimeo.

lovely bride, jieun, came to me requesting to make her eyes appear bigger for her wedding. a common request for monolid eyes. she was such a sweet and cute bride to work with! and it just so happens that she’s a huge shu uemura fan. using some shu uemura matte black eyeshadow and some black painting liner, we were able to achieve the makeup look that she was looking for. she also requested rosy, pink lips with gradations of a deeper pink from the inside of the lips fading out to soft pink to the outer parts of her lips. such an angelic look. i used the shu uemura sunset gold palette (eyeshadows and pink blush) – my go-to bridal palette – to complete the look. for the skin i used shu uemura face architect smoothing foundation in light honey. 

here is a video created by that captured the beautiful day. what fantastic work they did on creating the video:

i met beautiful ellen d. during a wedding booking that i had this summer. she was one of the bridesmaids and when i learned that she had done modelling before, i just had to ask her to be a model for a photoshoot with me and photographer mark darren.

i wanted to try something colourful using shu uemura colour atelier eyeshadows. i was inspired by the colours found in the shu uemura mini khaki lashes: blues, greens and oranges. ellen has great features for a strong bold winged eye and she rocked this photoshoot! mark directed and captured the perfect gaze that jumps right out of the photo.

products used:

shu uemura nobara cream cover stick foudation – i love using this foundation for photoshoots. it’s high coverage and buildable without the heavy cakiness. because it’s a cream consistency, it glides on smoothly.

shu uemura painting liner in blue – i’ve used other gel liners before, but i must say that this one is my favourite because it doesn’t dry too quickly, so i can draw a smooth clean line and adjust it until it’s perfect. it’s creamy and not “watery” like some gel liners that don’t allow enough control when drawing a wing.

shu uemura colour atelier pressed eyeshadows – i used these colours:

base colour: matte beige 813

crease colour: ME 471 and P Green 595 *ME = metallic

lower lid colour: ME 686 (blue)

accent  outer colour: M 260 (oragne ) *M= matte

accent inner corner: G silver *G = glitter

browbone: M 907 (matte white)

shu uemura glow on blush M561 – i think a lot of people get scared off by shu uemura bright colours, but honestly, once it’s on the skin, it melts in and looks so natural. brides always ask me which blush i used on them and the glow ons are my go-tos.

shu uemura rouge unlimited crème matte – a nice nude beige colour that goes nicely with the bold dramatic eyes

shu uemura mini khaki false eyelashes

the weather has been all over the place lately. some days it’s cold, some days it feels like it’s still summer! i don’t know what outfit to put on in the morning!

today was my friend’s bridal shower, so i decided to get dolled up with a mix of shu uemura’s summer collection and their new novadiva fall 2011 collection. i wanted a soft and slightly autumn look, so i chose matte lips – which is an awesome look for fall – and glowing peach cheeks. and of course, my nails are painted in shu uemura coquettish brown for a soft autumn look. for my eyes, i used the summer collection’s sunset gold palette with the black painting liner.

for my lips and cheeks, i used the new fall 2011 novadiva collection which can be found at holt renfrew. pick up your favorite shades of matte lipsticks now, as they are only in stores for a limited time!

so pretty! it’s the limited edition custom palette quod with decoration inspired by the pattern of lace in pearly black. it’s reusable for eyeshadows and blushers. my favorite!!

i put the novadiva fall 2011 cream cheek blush in gentle amber and the cream shimmer highlighter in radiant pearl.

this is one of the 5 rouge unlimited supreme matte lipsticks in angelic pink (i’ll add another post about the other colours soon!). the lipstick does not at all make my lips look dry and has extreme staying power!

with the radiant pearl shimmer highlighter and a sponge, i dabbed it on my cheekbones up to my brow bone (a c-curve).

i dabbed the gentle amber cream cheek blush on the apples of my cheeks with a sponge in a circular motion blending outwards. 

nail polish in coquettish brown.

together with photographer mark darren, i created a serene starry eyed look using shu uemura mini star glitz accent lashes on model dayna richardson. i  used a variety of shu’s blue, yellow and silver eyeshadows to bring out the navy blue falsies. on her lips, i used shu’s supreme shine lipstick – something i use on myself everyday. here is our creation:

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