new shu uemura lipstick shades! new super moist formula – i’m in love

if you’re looking for smooth, comfortable and gorgeous lipsticks this season, you’ll be in love with these new shu uemura rouge unlimited lipsticks, just like i am!

here are five very wearable spring shades. of course there are so many more shu uemura lipstick colours to suit all of our many moods and tastes. they are all so creamy, which is what i love about all shu uemura lipsticks because my lips get dry and flaky very easily (yikes). theses new rouge unlimited lipsticks are formulated with supreme moisture and comfort. love them!

don’t shy away from the colours; once these shades are applied, they look so beautiful and natural.

left to right: CR 310 (cream), PK 335 (pink), MV 245 (mauve), BG 935 (deep beige), BG 911 (light beige)

left to right: CR 310 (coral), PK 335 (pink), MV 245 (mauve), BG 935 (deep beige), BG 911 (light beige)

i’ve sampled all of them and i must say, i do have my favourites. what do you think?:

above photo: CR 310 – a creamy peachy shade with a creamy shine finish

above photo: PK 335 medium fushia – a shimmery candy pink (slightly iridescent)perfect, fun spring/summer shade!

above photo: BG 935 – a soft pink beige (looks like a deep wine colour when you look at the lipstick, but when you apply it, it’s a nice pinky beige – perfect for those who don’t feel like sporting a red lip).

above photo: MV 245 – rosy mauve. one of my favourites!! it’s got a cool undertone, so it’s a cool pink. i love this because i personally don’t like when my lips are red; some of you ladies know what i’m talking about! i prefer cool, nude lips on myself.

above photo: BG 911 – soft muted beige. this colour is perfect with a smoky eye. when eyes are intense, you want to tone down the rest of your makeup (so muted lips, natural soft blush). unlike other nude lipsticks that make your lips look dry and caky, this new formula is seriously super moist and make your lips look full (no wrinkles) and shiny.

which one do you like most?

  1. This was a great post with super helpful pictures…I’m going to have to get the CR 310 (coral). It looks so good on you!


  2. That soft beige will be perfect. I love Shu Uemura lipsticks, and have been looking for a very nude lipstick to put in my kit, but what is the coverage like, is it very sheer? Based on how light the lipsticks go on, it does look sheer.


    • you’ll fall in love with it! it’s so moisturizing. the moment you touch the lipstick, you’ll see it turns creamy.. even if you’re using a lip brush. let me know how it works out for you! 🙂


    • The new formula has a must higher coverage than the supreme shine. I personally like light coverage, so I dab it on my lips. But if you’d like higher coverage, apply like you would regular lipstick. It goes on extremely smooth and creamy :).


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