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for the prom fashion show event at holt renfrew yorkdale, i wore a brown dolly eyed look which turned out to be a favourite amongst clients and online shu fans. i’ve received a few requests on how to create the look. so here it is step-by-step:




for a dolly-look, it’s important to have “porcelain”-like skin. i don’t mean that it needs to be porcelain pale in colour, but it needs to be even and glowing.





dear shu fans,

shu uemura just launched new shades of eyeshadows! for those who love shu eyeshadows, you know  how beautiful the texture is. it’s the best eyeshadow out there; it’s made up of minuscule powders to adhere firmly to the skin, so it goes on super smoothly which gives the appearance of a creamy finish.

for those who have yet to discover shu uemura eyeshadows, there are five different finishes to choose from:

  1. matte (M) – extreme colour payoff with a super soft texture
  2. pearl (P) – reflective pearls to give a silky shine
  3. iridescent (IR) – changes colour with light reflection at different angles
  4. metallic (ME) – silicone based oil for a deep metallic shine (appears dewy)
  5. glitter (G) – fine glitter that’s perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes or to layer on eyeshadows

with all the pinks and corals that we see this season, try creating a soft coral look for this summer season. i was recently in japan and noticed all the girls with bright pink and peach cheeks and fluffy eyelashes; this is such a sweet, dolly look which is what we’ve been seeing on the runways as well.

here’s how to create the look:


for even and fresh looking skin, i used limited edition shu uemura bb beige uv underbase (SPF30) from the mamechiyo collection. (bb stands for blemish balm; it has higher coverage to even out skin and improves the texture of skin over time). then i used shu uemura  face architect glowing fit powder foundation (which contains SPF26) in 564 (medium light sand). a powder foundation for summer time is great, it’s mattifying and doesn’t feel heavy.


use brush 20 and apply shu uemura glow on M medium peach 561 to apples of the cheeks (for dolly look apply more colour to the centre of the apple and create a gradation extending outwards). use glow on P light peach 510 to highlight cheekbones, bridge of nose and under eyes.


  1. use drawing pencil in brown and line upper and lower lash line and smudge/soften with finger.
  2. use brush 10 and apply P light coral 131 all over lid. tip: start from lash line and create a gradation upwards covering the entire lid.
  3. use brush 10 and apply P medium brown 875 to outer corner of eye. tip: gently sweep the colour on and use patting motion to soften; this will prevent fall off of eyeshadow onto cheek
  4. use brush 11 and dab a small amount of P dark brown 895. use this to soften the edges of the medium brown shade.
  5. use brush 11 and apply P light beige 822 to brow bone and blending into the P dark brown 895.
  6. use brush 10F (flat brush) and press P medium brown 875 into outer 2/3 of lower lash line.
  7. use brush 10F and press P light coral 131 to inner 1/3 of lower lash line. (tip: if you have dark circles, apply you can extend the coral shade lower than the inner corner of your eye; this will reflect light which reduces the darkness).
  8. use brush 2R and black painting liner to line upper and lower lash line. don’t forget to fill under and in between your upper lash line to create an appearance of a fuller lash line.
  9. curl lashes and apply shu uemura ultimate expression mascara to upper and lower lashes.
  10. finish with shu uemura smoky layers false eyelashes.

left to right: ME light silver 935, ME soft gold 335, P light coral 131, ME soft pink 155,  P light green 520, P light blue 611, P medium brown 875, P dark plum 790, ME light beige, 825, P light beige 822.


i’m using one of the 19 new shu uemura lipstick shades. its improved formula has much higher colour payoff (higher coverage) and is more moisturizing than the previous formula. it also has great staying power. the colour i’m using is PK320 (seashell pink). the colours always look brighter in the tube, but look super natural when applied to lips.

have fun experimenting!

photography by mark darren mui and james mui, model: amanda z, hair&makeup by patricia lee

tangerine is the “it” colour of this season! i know that tangerine seems like a difficult colour to pull off, but trust me, any colour could look good on anyone; it’s all about finding the right shade and about pairing it with the right makeup and outfit. here are some tips on wearing tangerine makeup:

  1. use only one item of makeup that is tangerine. if you use a sweep of tangerine eyeshadow on the eyes, then keep your lips neutral and use bronzer or a soft blush on the cheeks. if you use tangerine on the lips, keep eyes neutral by using taupes/browns. if you use tangerine on the cheeks, opt for a gloss on the lips rather than a lipstick.
  2. choose a shade of tangerine that suits you. if you are fair-skinned, choose a more coral tone. if you have olive skin, you can choose a more orange  (warm) tone. if you have darker skin, choose a cooler tone of tangerine. here are some suggestions:

lip stick for fair-skin: shu uemura rouge unlimited in cr310 light peach oral

blush for fair-skin: sunlight peach creamy dome blush

lipstick for olive (tan) skin: cr330 medium grapefruit

blush for olive (tan) skin: p vivid orange glow on

for darker skin: rouge unlimited or520

blush for darker skin: m medium peach 560 (i love this one!)

find out how to re-create this look at

have fun with colours! brighten up your day with some tangerine!

if you’re looking for smooth, comfortable and gorgeous lipsticks this season, you’ll be in love with these new shu uemura rouge unlimited lipsticks, just like i am!

here are five very wearable spring shades. of course there are so many more shu uemura lipstick colours to suit all of our many moods and tastes. they are all so creamy, which is what i love about all shu uemura lipsticks because my lips get dry and flaky very easily (yikes). theses new rouge unlimited lipsticks are formulated with supreme moisture and comfort. love them!

don’t shy away from the colours; once these shades are applied, they look so beautiful and natural.

left to right: CR 310 (cream), PK 335 (pink), MV 245 (mauve), BG 935 (deep beige), BG 911 (light beige)

left to right: CR 310 (coral), PK 335 (pink), MV 245 (mauve), BG 935 (deep beige), BG 911 (light beige)

i’ve sampled all of them and i must say, i do have my favourites. what do you think?:

above photo: CR 310 – a creamy peachy shade with a creamy shine finish

above photo: PK 335 medium fushia – a shimmery candy pink (slightly iridescent)perfect, fun spring/summer shade!

above photo: BG 935 – a soft pink beige (looks like a deep wine colour when you look at the lipstick, but when you apply it, it’s a nice pinky beige – perfect for those who don’t feel like sporting a red lip).

above photo: MV 245 – rosy mauve. one of my favourites!! it’s got a cool undertone, so it’s a cool pink. i love this because i personally don’t like when my lips are red; some of you ladies know what i’m talking about! i prefer cool, nude lips on myself.

above photo: BG 911 – soft muted beige. this colour is perfect with a smoky eye. when eyes are intense, you want to tone down the rest of your makeup (so muted lips, natural soft blush). unlike other nude lipsticks that make your lips look dry and caky, this new formula is seriously super moist and make your lips look full (no wrinkles) and shiny.

which one do you like most?

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