review: shu uemura tsuya skin

i’ve always been so fascinated by all things japanese – everything from candy, to fashion, to cosmetics; everything about the culture is so impressive to me. the japanese always seem to always come up with the most cutting-edge products and present them so beautifully.

shu uemura just launched their newest skin care line: tsuya skin. the direct translation of the japanese word tsuya is luster / glossy / polish. for shu uemura, tsuya = ideal skin. tsuya skin serum was designed to give you perfect ideal skin in 7 days. i’ll sum up what the product does and how it works:

what does tsuya skin serum do?

  • it gives you porceline-fine, petal-soft and translucent glowing skin

why would you need it?

  • in ideal skin, cells have the ability to restore and protect itself day after day. that’s why baby’s skin is so perfect, pore-less and plump. but with age and fatigue, our skin looses its ability to do so, which is why our skin begins to loose its structure and becomes dull. this is what shu uemura calls “power-cut” in skin cells.
  • for young skin, the receptors on the skin cells receive signals to switch on the self-generation process and once this happens skin begins to produce more youthful molecules. but as we all know, as we age or as our skin becomes stressed, it’s unable to regenerate as it used to.
  • shu uemura labs found one receptor that remains intact throughout the aging process and has identified one molecule that stimulates this receptor to re-active the “power switch”.

how does it work?

  • this process was inspired by the enju flower “longevity flower”


  • shu uemura uses rhamose which is the miracle molecule that can re-active your skin’s youthful power swith. this means that it encourages your skin to regenerate. it also evens out your skin tone bringing the pink tones back, as skins becomes dull with age.

take a look at this video:


i did a test on my hand to show the instant results of the product. i was so excited to receive the serum and the uv underbase mousse. i’m going to begin my 7-day trial!


my hand without any product 

the tsuya skin serum is a beautiful pearly violet-pink with a light floral scent. violet and pink are colours that are usually used in makeup bases to instantly correct sallow skin.

as you can see, my skin immediately has a glow; this was taken immediately after, i should have waited a few minutes after the product completely absorbed because it was soooo soft afterwards

the shu uemura philosophy to perfect skin is to:

  • purify (by using cleansing oils to completely remove all impurities without stripping skin of its natural moisture)
  • re-activate (by using necessary lotions, serums and creams to nourish and treat skin. tsuya skin serum can be used in conjunction with any of the existing shu uemura skin care lines; to be used after lotion (toner) and before cream/moisturizer which seals it in.)
  • protect (by using UV underbases)

with this being said, tsuya skin also has a new uv underbase mousse.


it also contains the rhamnose molecule and this new formula is more moisturizing with the same light floral scent as the tsuya serum.

when applying any of the shu uemura uv underbase mousses, remember to use our re-usable pentagon sponges for an even application. otherwise, the product will appear streaky and adheres so quickly to the skin before you even have a chance to spread it evenly. with the sponge, the product is absorbed into the sponge, this way you can squeeze it to apply as you go. here’s a video on how to do this:



the new tsuya skin uv under base is peachy-toned which would give the skin a more radiant and youthful finish

i’ll tweet some updates on how my skin feels after the 7 days! to follow me on twitter, click the button to the right!


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