review: karl lagerfeld for shu uemura holiday collection

this is by far the cutest collection that i have ever seen! so adorable, that i can barely bare to use it! this is such a special collection that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. if you’re a lover of makeup and fashion, all these pieces are such must-haves! did you know that karl lagerfeld creates his designs using shu uemura eyeshadows? back in the day, mr. shu uemura even created an eyeshadow colour for karl lagerfeld because he needed it for one of his designs! he says he uses shu eyeshadows because he can’t find as many beautiful colours out there! and now, together for the first time with shu uemura, karl lagerfeld brings us fun and adorably designed eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, nail polishes, painting liner and accessories! this collection comes out next month, so be sure to mark your calendars!

first off, we have two incredible palettes with cute little mon shu girl on the case wearing the colours inside!

one of the palettes is called prestigious bordeaux palette:

the mirror has mon shu girl’s silhouette!

this palette features highly pigmented bronze, browns with hints of glitter and purple shades with a warm red blush. perfect for creating warm romantic looks for the holiday season.


the other palette is called smoky velvet palette:

this palette is great for creating edgier and more smoky looks, but can also create some lighter fresh looks using the lighter shades. it contains a sparkling black shade, a moss green shade, metallic grey and fresh green along with a golden glitter. there’s also the same warm red blush as well.

this is such a fun and subtle way to spice up your typical look. this blackish satin purple painting liner gives the perfect amount of “punch” to your every day liner.

i’m so excited to use this!

we can’t forget our iconic eyelash curler! this is such a perfect collector’s item with little mon shu girl charm and red silicone pad.

no shu uemura collection is complete without some beautifully crafted falsies! this collection has two pairs. there are the karl for shu mini lashes. they are the easiest to apply and give a little accent to your look with a hint of red and diamond encrusted band for the perfect twinkle.

next we have the karl for shu premium lashes. they look metallic  and heavy don’t they? but they are actually made of a paper-like material so they are super light. these are a makeup artist’s dream pair of lashes – so fun!

now for the lips! there are four very wearable colours and such creamy texture.

the celebrity beige shade (to the far right) turned out more orange in the photo for some reason. i will do a swatch. my personal fave is the parisienne pink! but my new goal is to be more bold with my lip colour – mon shu red will be my holiday hue!

nail time! these are all the most wearable and fun colours ever! the best part is that each box comes with nail decorating stickers – so fun!

we have karl black with metallic flecks (i have a feeling this one will sell out quickly!), shu shu red which applies so smoothly, no streaks whatsoever, and royal beige  – such a perfect nude tone for clean looking nails.

i had so much fun playing around with the colours and stickers!

how adorable is this?!

now to clean off all the makeup, we of course need a cleansing oil! this collection has a 450 ml premium A/O (anti-oxidant) cleansing oil (our green bottle) just in time for the cold and dry winter weather.

excited to see swatches and looks? come back for my upcoming posts! i have to leave you coming back for more right? =)

  1. Amy said:

    Thank you for comprehensive review. The Prestigious Bordeaux Palette looks especially tempting. O o, my wallet’s going to hurt.


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