how-to: cherry blossom princess for shu uemura ob collection – pink editorial makeup

the shu uemura spring collection designed in collaboration with japanese artist ob, features four princesses each with their own persona. the second makeup look that i did was based on the cherry blossom princess.


here’s a look behind-the-scenes at how i created the look using the pink spring palette on lovely model christine mccabe:


some retouching on set







  • load up natural brush 10 with light pink shade and press all over lids all the way up to brow and on lower lid
  • brush 11 and light pink shade to soften edges and extend slightly onto temples


  • use brush 11 to extend light pink shade onto cheekbone area


  • natural brush 10 and apply dark pink shade to crease; soften with brush 11


  • brush 5R or 10 to apply dark pink shade along outer lower lid


  • use natural brush 10 to layer light brown and deep brown shades into the outer crease area of eyes; soften with brush 11


  • brush 15 to apply glow on in M soft orange 542 (blending into pink shade on temples)
  • brush 15 to apply glow on P vivid orange 551 to cheek bones (blending with the pink shadow and the M soft orange glow on)



  • add more colour if necessary


  • after having put on the lashes, i decided to deepen the crease area further with the brown shades



  • line lips with nude lip liner



soft princess curls hairstyle designed by Lip Lap of Initium Hair in Markham, Ontario.


and here’s the completed image:


hope you enjoyed the post! share with all of the makeup artists out there! have fun experimenting!

  1. Angie said:

    This look is so soft, light and blended. I love it! Is it still possible to get the 15 brush from counters? I don’t see it on the website and I really want to recreate this look.


    • Hi Angie! Yes it should be still available at holts. Try giving the bloor location counter a call. Let me know how it goes!:) I’d love to see your version of the look 🙂


  2. Kay said:

    Hello Patricia,

    I just discovered your website and must say that I love your creations! I called the Shu Uemura site regarding the ob collection but they weren’t able to provide an answer and so I hope you could.

    I purchased the Unmask Palette Pink and want additional matte shades from the ob collection but don’t want to duplicate what I already have. Could you tell me if the first shade in the Unmask Palette the same as or similar to salmon beige 132? Is the third shade the same as or very similar to medium brown 852? Is the fourth shade dark brown 896 or 895? And is the last shade yellow beige 814 or matte beige 813?

    Thank you for your help! It would be great if Shu had a counter in the USA but barring that, it still is nice to have access to products via their website.



    • Hi Kay! Thanks so much for the message! The new matte colours are awesome! 🙂
      To answer your questions:
      – The OB eyeshadows are the same colours as the unmask colours. OB collection is a collaboration with OB, the artist, using the shades from the unmask collection. The lipsticks, however, are different and specific to the OB collection.
      – So same goes for the brown shade (medium brown 852)
      – The 4th shade is much darker than both 896 and 895. It’s more similar to the deep brown found in the chocolat donna collection.

      I hope this helps! Feel free to send me a message anytime. Hopefully we will be able to re-open in the US!!


      • Kay said:

        Oh, thank you so much!!! You are so kind to take the time to answer my detailed question. I am now going to order the shades I need and also some blushes you like as I have similar coloring to you. It would be great if you would reopen in the USA — miss you at Neiman Marcus!


      • No problem Kay! Anytime! Feel free to message me if ever you have any questions 🙂 Take care!


  3. Dami said:

    I love the finished look! SOOOO lovely. I recently purchased the palette in pink and soft orange blush!! Can’t wait to have some fun with it! :))


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